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Kevin Bohan

Director of Product Marketing

Listen to "Data Self-Service for Data Democratization" on Spreaker.

Welcome to a brand new episode on the Denodo Data Bites series. This week, we cover part 2 of our discussion on Data Self-Service for Data Democratization with Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo.

In this episode, we explore: 

🔹 The role of data products in self-service and democratization. 

🔹 Why data products are gaining traction. 

🔹 Empowering data teams for success. 

🔹 Real-world benefits of data self-service. 

🔹 Addressing pain points driving adoption.

Join us in exploring the world of data by simplifying jargons with bite-sized overviews on all things data. Hit the play button to find out more!

Visit the Denodo Data Bites Podcast Series page to check out more episodes.

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