Denodo Data Bites Podcast Series

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Are you new to the world of data, trying to simplify data jargons to get a clear understanding of data concepts? We have got you covered! 

In each episode, we interview an industry leader within the data space to discuss a variety of topics falling under the data umbrella. Our conversations aim to help newcomers & veterans navigate the complexities of the data industry with ease.

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The Rise of Data Lakes and the Key to Truly Unleashing its Value

Podcast Guest: Felix Liao, Director of Product Management (APAC), Denodo


Understanding Data Mesh & the Need for Data Virtualization

Podcast Guest: Emily Sergent, Sales Engineer at Denodo


Why is Product & Customer Support Essential for Businesses?

Podcast Guest: Ignacio Soriano Hernandez, Service Delivery and Customer Success Manager (DACH), Denodo


How has Cloud Enabled Business Transformation Become a Top Priority for Organizations? 

Podcast Guest: Syed Rasheed, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Denodo


Denodo in the Mid-Market: How Denodo Professional can help Mid-Market Users Begin their Data Integration Journey?

Podcast Guest: Mitesh Shah, Director - Global Cloud Product Management, Denodo


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