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WHAT: For the last 7 years Nashville IT Symposium has been bringing together some of the key people in IT, attracting hundreds of participants in a close-knit setup to discuss trends in IT, and giving attendees unparalleled networking opportunities. This is a premium technology event that gives this region’s technology executives the opportunity to share their ideas with each other to help steer their companies’ success. 

Denodo customer Asurion, who started using data virtualization technology for their hybrid cloud setup, in a quest to expand their worldwide operations and offer their premium support service, will share their cloud modernization success story and also will share how they setup centralized security and data governance in the cloud.

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WHY: As cloud and data virtualization are becoming two critical technology trends that are helping a wide range of companies, spanning every major industry, in their data and insights-driven business success, Nashville companies are no exception. Denodo customer Asurion will be present at the symposium to share with the audience why they chose the Denodo Platform for data virtualization, hosted in AWS cloud, for their successful worldwide expansion, so that other companies in the region can replicate their success. 

Audiences will also learn about how  Denodo Platform 7.0 offers the most effective data integration fabric for big data analytics, cloud modernization, logical data warehouse implementations, and operational scenarios, enabling companies to put their “fast data” strategies into action. Denodo’s data virtualization innovations, including advanced self-service data access, search, data discovery, security, and governance, are critical in transforming organizations from being data-driven to being insights-driven.

WHEN: May 1, 2018

WHERE: Omni Nashville Hotel

250 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

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