Denodo Platform 7.0

Reimagine data management with Denodo Platform 7.0
Discover the power of data virtualization with parallel in-memory fabric and dynamic data catalog

Alberto Pan, Chief Technology Officer at Denodo, highlights the 3 main features of the latest version of the Denodo Platform: Data Catalog, MPP with query optimization and the new tools to automate all the lifecycle management of systems in the cloud and on-premise.

Denodo Platform 7.0 Main Features

Denodo’s dynamic query optimization with MPP

Unparalleled Performance

Combined power of Parallel In-memory Fabric & Dynamic Query Optimization for immediate data delivery in big data, cloud, and real-time scenarios.

Dynamic Data Catalog

The Only Data Virtualization offering that tightly integrates Data Catalog and Data Delivery for contextual information delivery, self-service and collective intelligence.

IT and Business Persona

Targets both IT and Business Persona with enhanced interface for less technical users like data stewards, data analysts, and citizen analysts.

Automated Lifecycle Management

Streamlined DevOps with new tools and APIs that greatly simplify deployments, updates, management and more.

Multi-Cloud, Hybrid, Edge For Maximum Flexibility

Multi-location architecture for multi-cloud, hybrid, and edge scenarios without sacrificing performance, security and governance.


Denodo – Cloud and Containerization

Containerization is a key component of the digital transformation as it improves collaboration between developers and operations teams through well-defined, consistent, and highly portable application software packages.

Denodo recognizes the need to facilitate seamless development and deployment architecture and has invested in the container support using Docker. Simplified packaging of Denodo components allow the user to focus on business application development and design of their data virtualization platform. The simplicity to move your Docker configurations /workloads across Cloud can help with scaling your workloads and automation.

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Analysts and Customers

What analysts and customers are saying about Denodo Platform 7.0
Claudia Imhoff

Random analytical implementations lead to chaos. One way to mitigate this chaos is to implement a data catalog — the ‘brain’ that monitors the sources of data and analytics and informs business users where and how they can find these invaluable decision support components. The new Denodo 7.0 with its dynamic data catalog has the right characteristics to act as this brain.

Claudia Imhoff President, Intelligent Solutions
Dave Wells

Denodo Platform 7.0 is fully equipped to handle today’s and tomorrow’s data management challenges. Data virtualization provides real-time access to data. Business users do not have time to chase down data from various sources. With data services presented through a ‘storefront’ interface where data users can shop to find best-fit data to meet their needs, the pain of data seeking and data evaluation is quickly relieved.

Dave Wells Analyst, Eckerson Group
Michael Norton

As Bank of the West is moving towards data hub and data lake, to bring in parallelism and scale to support our continued growth, we want Denodo 7.0 to assume a central position in our enterprise data architecture.

Michael Norton Vice President of Data Architecture at Bank of the West
Quinn Lewis

With Denodo Platform 7.0, we look forward to deepening accessibility to our data, enabling access for non-core and support business functions and incorporating additional process, quality and taxonomy into data catalog.

Quinn Lewis Integration and Platform Services Manager at Anadarko

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