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PALO ALTO, Calif., June 29, 2021 – Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that it is a proud sponsor of the Children’s Hospital Colorado 2021 Courage Classic Bicycle Tour. Each year, companies come together to raise funds that are used to provide lifesaving care for children at the region’s only nonprofit pediatric hospital. This year’s ride, considered one of Colorado’s premier cycling events, will take place on Saturday, July 17, in Copper Mountain.

Denodo joins Colorado Children’s Hospital and presenting sponsor Prologis, Inc., two Denodo customers, to help provide much needed resources to an organization that is committed to community engagement and facilitating philanthropic support on behalf of the children and families the medical facility serves across the Rocky Mountain region and throughout the world.

“The technology community has always been a driving force in philanthropy but seeing firsthand how two- companies - Prologis and Denodo - go the extra mile to make a difference for sick children is just amazing,” said Emily Kotas, Director of Corporate Partnerships of Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

Denodo was invited to sponsor the event that involves two of its customers who leverage the Company’s data virtualization solution in the following ways:

  • Prologis, the global leader in logistics real estate, has raised nearly $3 million for the hospital since 2010. Its properties are located in 19 countries, across three continents, and in the world’s most vibrant centers of commerce. Every day, Prologis sees many of the goods that make modern life possible – in fact, the current economic value of goods flowing through Prologis facilities worldwide is $2.2 trillion, representing 2.5% of global GDP. The company implemented the Denodo Platform to provide analysts and data scientists with the ability to speed up integration into logical data warehouses.
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado, a nationally recognized pediatric health system that serves a multi-state region, deployed the Denodo Platform, to create a logical data warehouse as the foundation for their COVID-19 command center. This portal deals with COVID patient data, lab turnaround data, EMR data, census prediction data, blood bank data, information on transition to telehealth, and data captured in various spreadsheets used by cross functional stakeholders.

Denodo’s data virtualization solution enables companies to seamlessly move to the cloud at their own pace without impacting daily operations. Data virtualization has established itself as a core component of the logical data fabric, as organizations look to migrate data sources and applications to multiple clouds. Until now, most data integration technologies would first copy the data from the source systems into an intermediate repository for the purpose of transforming it, and then move it again to the applications in the cloud, creating delay and disruption in the consumption of the data by business users. Data virtualization, in contrast, provides real-time views of the integrated data, without replication enabling non-disruptive migrations, so business users can consume the data, fresh from the source, within their favorite business applications in the cloud without delay.

Ravi Shankar, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Denodo commented, “We’re always excited to be able to bring the value of data virtualization to organizations like Prologis and Children’s Hospital Colorado, but we are even more thrilled to have the opportunity to help transform children’s health and be a part of raising millions to create a better world for children, dollar by dollar, pedal by pedal, and one mountain pass at a time.”

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