Denodo Platform Overview

A logical data management platform trusted by organizations of all shapes and sizes to get above the data silos

For every organization data and its related infrastructure is constantly evolving. As a result, enterprise data will always remain distributed. The Denodo Platform gives IT organizations the flexibility to evolve their data strategies, migrating to the cloud, or logically unifying data warehouses and data lakes, without affecting business. The Denodo Platform also accelerates data provisioning through reduced data replication, it enables consistent security and governance across multiple systems, and it gives your business users the flexibility to choose their preferred applications. The only way you can accomplish this is through a logical data fabric powered by data virtualization. The Denodo Platform is the only solution that can meet this need. Read about the benefits of the Denodo Platform in this Forrester TEI Report.

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The Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform offers the industry’s most trusted logical data fabric solution.

Logical data fabric is a vision of a unified data delivery platform that abstracts access to multiple data systems for business consumers, hiding the complexity and exposing the data in business friendly formats, while at the same time guaranteeing the delivery of data according to predefined semantics and data governance rules. The logical data fabric vision is realized by data virtualization. Whether you are looking for a data integration and management solution for a simple project such as dashboarding or reporting, or a complex project such as data management in hybrid/multi-cloud scenarios, or even a prescriptive or predictive analytics project, one of the Denodo subscriptions has the right features and functionalities to fit your budget and needs.

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The Denodo Platform for Cloud

Modern data integration and management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

The Denodo Platform for Cloud can be purchased using the bring your own license (BYOL) option. For faster deployment, the Denodo Platform can also be licensed on leading public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Denodo’s modern data management platform is designed to integrate, manage, and deliver data in complex, hybrid, multi-cloud environments with high performance, security, and governance. The Denodo Platform for Cloud provides solutions to overcome cloud data challenges, including The Denodo Platform for Cloud Modernization, The Denodo Platform for Cloud Data Integration, and The Denodo Platform for Cloud Analytics.

Customer Case Study: Prologis

In this video, Luke Slotwinski, VP Data and Analytics at Prologis, discusses how the company used the Denodo Platform to create a logical data warehouse.

Customer Case Study: DNB

In this video, Olav Lognvik, senior IT architect at DNB, discusses how the company used the Denodo Platform for data science initiatives.

Customer Case Study: UCB

In this video, Salvatore Cutolo, head of BI at UCB, discusses how the company used the Denodo Platform to create customer360 views in the field of immunology and neurology.

Customer Case Study: Autodesk

In this video, Kurt Jackson, operations architect at Autodesk, discusses how the company used the Denodo Platform to logically combine data from a data lake and a data warehouse in the cloud.

Who Is the Denodo Platform for?

The Denodo Platform is relevant to both business and technical users, including CIOs, CDOs, CDAOs, enterprise architects, developers, data scientists, and cloud architects, to name a few. Denodo offers instructor-led classrooms or virtual classes with hands-on laboratories, so you can easily learn about Denodo features, functionalities, and capabilities, and what makes the Denodo Platform important for every organization's success.


Address data diversity and unlock the full value of your information universe: Go virtual!


Keep control of all enterprise data and grow your services with data virtualization.


Create agile solutions virtualizing your data assets and building a unified data services layer.


Query, search for, browse, and find the data you need, instantly.

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