Denodo Platform Overview

Denodo Platform 7.0 goes beyond every other data virtualization solution
The Denodo Platform provides all the benefits of data virtualization including the ability to provide real-time access to integrated data across an organization’s diverse data sources, without replicating any data. The Denodo Platform offers the broadest access to structured and unstructured data residing in enterprise, big data, and cloud sources in both batch and real time, exceeding the performance needs of data-intensive organizations.

Denodo Platform Features

Denodo Platform 7.0 goes beyond every other data virtualization solution, offering:
denodo platform

Dynamic Data Catalog, providing seamless access to data via a searchable, contextualized interface.

denodo platform

The Dynamic Query Optimizer, which intelligently chooses the optimal query strategy for each execution, for faster access to data.

denodo platform

In-memory parallel processing, which further accelerates data access, now to unparalleled speeds.

denodo platform

completely redesigned interface, targeting the special needs of business and IT stakeholders

denodo platform

A suite of automated lifecycle management features, so users can spend less time managing data, and more time leveraging data to make decisions.

denodo platform

modern data services layer that supports OAuth 2.0, SAML, OpenAPI, OData 4, and other cloud standards for easy interoperability with current cloud systems.

denodo platform

Availability on leading cloud marketplaces such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, as well as on Docker.

Responsive Layout

Seamless security and governance, by providing secure, selective access to an organization’s entire data holdings via a single point of control and administration

Denodo Platform Architecture

The Denodo Platform connects to a myriad of data sources, combining and publishing data in business-friendly form to multiple consumers.


Connect disparate data from any source (enterprise, Big Data, cloud, Excel) or location.



Define data transformations and combinations that meet your business needs.



Deliver data services in real-time to your enterprise data consuming platforms.

Denodo Platform at a Glance

This table compares the different versions of the Denodo Platform, so you can see which version would be the best option for you:
Denodo versionDenodo Platform
(On-Premises / On-Cloud)
Denodo Platform for
AWS / Azure Marketplaces
Denodo Express
Deployment model
Cloud (BYOL)
Cloud (IaaS)

PAYG (Pay as you go)
Free trial
Free download


Denodo Community
# Simultaneous queries


From 5 to unlimited

Up to 3

Batch processing



Maximum 1

Data volumes (in rows)


From 10k rows to unlimited

Up to 10k rows

# Data sources


From 2 data sources to unlimited


Studio UI
Data Catalog
Solution Manager UI

IT Pilot

Customer Case Study: GEMA

In this video, Chrisoph Wieser, Enterprise Architect at GEMA explains how data virtualization was implemented as an extension of middleware to improve their response times and quality of service.

Customer Case Study: TransAlta

In this video, Kent Weare, Senior Enterprise Architect at TransAlta, discusses why they chose the Denodo Platform to bring their disparate data sources together, simplify their data consumption and better adhere to strict data governance principles.

Customer Case Study: Vizient

In this video, Chuck DeVries, Vice President, Tech Strategy and Enterprise Architecture at Vizient, discusses how they were able to provide adequate value to member hospitals by creating a broader view of their organizational data enabled by data virtualization.

Customer Case Study: GetSmarter

In this video, Schoeman Loubser, Information Architect at GetSmarter explains how they used data virtualization to create a single view of their students.

Denodo Roles

Denodo offers instructor-led classrooms or virtual classes with hands-on laboratories to learn what you need about Denodo features, functionalities, and capabilities.


Address data diversity and unlock the full value of all your information universe: Go virtual!

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Keep control of all enterprise data and grow your services with data virtualization.

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Create agile solutions virtualizing your data assets and building a unified data services layer.

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Business User

Business Users

Query, search and browse the data sets and metainformation stored in a Denodo Platform server.

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