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Denodo Platform 9

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in data management with the launch of Denodo Platform 9! This groundbreaking release introduces advanced capabilities that enable intelligent data delivery, transforming how you interact with your data. Imagine your data users asking complex questions using natural language and receiving precise and trustworthy responses, without requiring technical skill. Imagine those same data users being able to discover, prepare and consume data on their own, with security and governance designed-in, without depending on the data team for every change. Additionally, Denodo 9 empowers enterprises to effortlessly incorporate real-time, enterprise-specific data into their Generative AI projects through our Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) support. These are just a few examples of how this new release accelerates your journey to becoming AI-ready, ensuring the quickest, most efficient pathway to harnessing the full potential of AI. Get ready to elevate your data strategy and unlock unprecedented business value with Denodo Platform 9.

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Denodo Platform 9 - Overview

This latest release introduces powerful capabilities designed to enable intelligent data delivery and build a robust foundation for AI-ready data. Here’s a brief overview of the key enhancements:

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Intelligent Data Self-Service:

  • Natural Language Queries: Business users can now query data using natural language through the platform’s seamless integration with ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms, eliminating the need to write queries. This feature makes interacting with data as simple as asking a question in everyday language.
  • Data preparation wizard: Users of all technical backgrounds can easily customize datasets. This enhancement enables data products to be quickly modified across a variety of use cases without involving the data team in every change, freeing them for more strategic tasks.
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Operational Efficiency:

  • Intelligent Query Recommendations: Leveraging AI, the query wizards now respond to user activity, streamlining the data-query process through automatically tailored transformations and dataset filters.
  • An Improved Developer Experience: We’ve made various improvements in how developers interact with the Denodo Platform, making it more intuitive and boosting productivity. Key highlights include enhanced DevOps support for seamless collaboration, integrated Scheduler jobs for efficient task management, a new Welcome portal for faster onboarding, and a redesigned data source panel for easier access and manipulation.
  • Enhanced Data Lake Engine: Your teams will benefit from simplified configurations, intuitive interfaces for Delta and Iceberg tables, and enhanced analytics capabilities, making data lakes more accessible and actionable and improving the value you can derive from your data lake.
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Security and Compliance Improvements:

  • Segregation of Administrative Duties: Enhanced security with fine-grained control through the segregation of administrative duties, allowing organizations to grant administrative users the privileges to change server settings without the ability to access data.
  • Enhanced Inspection and Auditing Tools: New tools for inspecting and auditing data access policies, enhancing oversight and compliance. These improvements ensure robust data protection and operational integrity.
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To learn more about Denodo Platform 9 and explore its intelligent data delivery capabilities, visit the Denodo Community.

For a personalized discussion on how Denodo 9 can transform your data strategy, reach out to your Denodo representative today.

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