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The Denodo Platform has completely revolutionized the way things are done at Estes.
Bob Cournoyer
Senior Director, Data Strategy & Services

Estes Express Lines is relied upon to deliver countless shipments across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. And to deliver them on time, every day, Estes depends on reliable, timely data. So when Estes needed to streamline the integration between its core systems, the company leveraged the Denodo Platform to establish a logical data fabric.

Smooth Operations

At Estes Express Lines, data was stored across numerous data silos, causing significant challenges: IT needed to physically move data before it could be put into production; time, money, and resources were spent on redundant hardware and code; data security was handled separately by different teams; and business users depended on IT to furnish their data requests, which impacted agility.

Leveraging the Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization, Estes Express Lines created a logical data fabric over the company’s on-premises and cloud data sources. This not only established a single data-access layer above all of the company’s disparate sources, it also provided timely, self-service access to all data, to overcome all of the above challenges and streamline operations.

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