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As today’s data management landscape becomes increasingly complex, it is difficult to offer a unified view of the data to business applications, and to guarantee that governance policies and rules are enforced across the data delivery chain. The Logical data fabric is a vision of a unified data delivery platform that solves today’s most complex data management problems. Denodo Platform 8.0 is a significant step forward to achieve the vision of a logical data fabric.

This whitepaper introduces the Denodo Platform 8.0, covering all the features available not only in this release but also in previous ones, with special emphasis on the latest features:

  • Enhanced, Unified, Web-Based User Experience
  • Performance Acceleration for Complex Analytical Queries in Logical Data Warehouse / Data Fabric Scenarios
  • PaaS support for Cloud and Hybrid Environments
  • Enhanced Data Services APIs with Graph-Like Access to Denodo Views
  • Going Beyond the Logical Data Warehouse: New Support for Data Science and ML
  • Enhanced User Experience in the Data Catalog

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