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David Stodder

Senior Director of Research for BI

As organizations compete in new markets and new channels, business data requirements include new data platforms and applications. Migration to the cloud typically adds more distributed data when operations set up their own data platforms. This spreads important data across on-premises and cloud-based data platforms. As a result, data silos proliferate and become difficult to access, integrate, manage, and govern. Many organizations are using cloud data platforms to consolidate data, but distributed environments are unlikely to go away.

Organizations need holistic data strategies for unifying distributed data environments to improve data access and data governance, optimize costs and performance, and take advantage of modern technologies as they arrive. This TDWI Expert Panel will focus on overcoming challenges with distributed data to maximize business value.

Key topics this panel will address include:

  • Developing the right strategy for your use cases and workloads in distributed data environments, such as data fabrics, data virtualization, and data mesh
  • Deciding whether to consolidate data silos or bridge them with distributed data technologies
  • Enabling easier self-service access and analytics across a distributed data environment
  • Maximizing the value of data catalogs and other data intelligence technologies for distributed data environments
  • Monitoring and data observability for spotting problems and ensuring business satisfaction

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