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Generative AI


Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has been compared to both electricity and the Internet, for its potential to transform the world. However, many executives are dissatisfied with their organization’s progress on AI and GenAI, and a surprising number of GenAI projects have yet to move into production.

A major reason is the need for a secure, trusted, high quality data foundation, one that prevents GenAI from hallucinating, protects sensitive information, and meets increasingly demanding AI regulations.

To address these requirements, organizations need a logical data management platform that provides high-quality data and the ability to manage data governance across the organization from a single point of control.

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The New Era of Gen AI: Enabled by Logical Data Management

Generative AI

The Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform, a logical data management solution that leverages data virtualization, eliminates the need for data movement or consolidation before augmenting an AI application with additional data. The Denodo Platform integrates with major GenAI platforms and orchestration frameworks, to facilitate AI application development.

The Denodo Platform provides a single, consolidated gateway for AI applications to access integrated data and offers several other key benefits, including:

A unified, secure access point for large language models (LLM)s to interact with and query all enterprise data

A rich semantic layer, providing LLMs with the needed business context and knowledge, including table descriptions, business definitions, categories/tags, and sample values

Quick delivery of logical data views that are de-coupled and abstracted from the underlying technical data views

Built-in query optimization features that relieve LLMs from managing specific data source constraints or optimized join strategies

Solution benefits

The Denodo Platform makes your organization GenAI-ready, by:

A perfect enabler for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Implementing the RAG architecture in an enterprise context against real production data across an often siloed and complex enterprise data landscape can be very complex. The Denodo Platform helps integrate a variety of data repositories including SaaS applications, CRM and ERP systems, data lakes, and enterprise data warehouses for LLMs during the RAG process. The Denodo Platform maintains the necessary metadata to provide LLMs with the information they need, including data schemas, field descriptions with contextual information, and business names of the field, in the form they need it.

GenAI powered natural language querying

The Denodo Platform democratizes data access by enabling business users to query data in natural language without the need for any special skills, and will enable self-service data preparation by recommending metadata.

Ensuring data privacy and security

The Denodo Platform provides a central layer for enforcing security restrictions that can be defined in terms of the canonical model, with field-level granularity. The Denodo Platform supports user- and role-based authentication and authorization, as well as dynamic masking. This makes the Denodo Platform ideal for enforcing data security for RAG-enabled AI applications and helping organizations to meet a wide variety of regulatory requirements.

Ensuring better data quality and explainability

Poor-quality data can result in incorrect or inconsistent behaviors – ‘garbage in-garbage out.’ GenAI applications also require the ability to demonstrate ‘data explainability,’ which is the expression of what data was accessed in order to produce a given result. The Denodo Platform provides extensive functions and rules to ensure data quality. For every GenAI query initiated, the Denodo Platform logs the query and what data was returned, ensuring transparency and explainability.

Meeting regulatory requirements

With its ability to ensure a trusted, secure data foundation and enable explainability and transparency, the Denodo Platform enables organizations to meet the stringent requirements of new regulatory frameworks and guidelines such as the EU AI Act, U.S. Executive Order on AI, China’s Gen AI standards, and Singapore’s Model Governance Framework for Gen AI.

Ready to get started with trusted GenAI?

For twenty-five years – Denodo has helped organizations reap business value from their data by integrating diverse data sources into a single, trusted logical layer, enabling consumers and applications to leverage data in the language of the business and at the speed of business. We have extensive experience in leveraging metadata for making data initiatives intelligent and productive, which is just what GenAI needs to be successful. Call us today, and become a success story for translating GenAI into value.

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