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Energy and Utility

Data-driven “intelligent and eco-centric operations” is what energy and utilities companies of the future aspire to.

Harnessing distributed energy sources and providing innovative customer engagement and support is key. Data driven AI analytics will lie at the heart of this, and with the real-time growth in volume spread over a wide geography and accessing different types of complex data, the only way to achieve this in short time and on an on-going secure and governed manner, is through Logical Data Management. Denodo is the long established clear market leader in this space. Learn how we can help you with innovation and customer engagement.

Energy and Utility Webinar

New Role of Data in the Changing Energy & Utilities Landscape

At the heart of the energy company’s challenges is data. Data, to better manage and optimize the generating resources, to better inform consumers about their energy consumption, to deliver better services and new product offerings to those consumers.

Watch this webinar and learn how energy companies can better leverage their existing strategic data assets.

IDC Spotlight

Seeking a Data-Driven Transformation

This IDC paper provides insights into how energy and utilities organizations can effectively tackle challenges associated with the changing data landscape. It covers the following key aspects:

  • Digital transformation trends and the emergence of the new data economy.
  • Strategies to address the data explosion and the evolution of IT infrastructures.
  • Approaches to generating actionable intelligence from data to maximize its value.
  • Techniques for creating sustainable data architectures.


Energy and Utility

Real-Life Success Stories

See how the Denodo Platform has helped businesses thrive

Gartner® Market Guide for Renewable Energy Management Solutions

How Data Fabric Drives Business Outcomes in the Renewable Energy Management Solutions (REMS) Market

Energy and Utility

Let us help you achieve your business objectives

Future-proof your operations, service and products with the Denodo Platform, the logical data management solution that has been instrumental in helping energy companies boost productivity, fortify data security, and fuel business expansion.

LDF Architecture
Analyst Whitepaper

The Value of Using a Logical Approach to Data Management in Energy and Utilities

For Energy and Utilities companies to transition into data- and AI-driven entities, their success depends on efficiently integrating data from an expanding array of sources in a timely fashion. This necessity has evolved into a critical mission to establish a robust data foundation characterized by high quality, security, and compliance. This foundation serves as a catalyst for generating insights, recommendations, and predictions. By building upon this foundation, these companies can develop the necessary insights to modernize grid networks, adopt cost-effective renewable energy sources, enhance resilience, and improve grid health. This, in turn, enables them to offer superior services capable of withstanding the effects of climate change, while also providing more affordable energy to customers.

Discover how our solutions can help achieve your business objectives.

Unlock next-level innovative data management solutions for your smart factory with the Denodo Platform, the data management solution helping manufacturers gain visibility, predictability, and intelligent operations in their supply chains.

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