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This free trial provides the opportunity to test and validate Denodo Professional in the cloud for up to 30 days under the user's cloud account. It can help you to better understand the capabilities and benefits of Denodo data virtualization with a free trial to the full product capabilities of Denodo Professional.

  • To get started, you need a cloud account (AWS, Azure, or GCP).
  • Denodo Professional offers connection to up to 5 data sources.
  • Even though Denodo Professional is available only via cloud marketplaces, You can still connect to your on-premises data, as long as you have a good network connection between your data center and the cloud to support your SLAs, obviously it is easier if your data sources are cloud native.

Learn more about Denodo Professional Free Trial.

Once you register for your free trial on Denodo’s website, you will be taken to the marketplace listing page to continue with your free trial subscription.

Below are the links to the Denodo Standard listing across the cloud marketplaces. Once registered, you can start your free trial subscription.

Please refer to the quick start guide for deployment guidance.

Be sure to register for technical support (included with your subscription) to get the best out of your free trial. See below to learn about additional support options.

Getting assistance during a free trial is easy; there are several ways to get help:

  1. Reach out via email ( Please ensure that you have already registered for the free trial. An engineer will provide assistance during the 30 day free trial period.
  2. You should also register for official Denodo support during the free trial period. You can do this by following the support link via the marketplace listing page. This will enable you to open support tickets and also provide full access to all the Denodo connectors.
  3. Post your questions in the Denodo Community, and someone from the Denodo team will get back to you within 24 hours.

The Denodo Professional free trial is instantiated under your cloud account, so a cloud hosting account is required.

  • The Denodo Professional license is completely free for 30 days.
  • You only pay for your infrastructure costs (such as VMs or EC2 instances, storage, etc.) that the Denodo trial will be installed and run on, which is usually a few cents per hour, depending on the type of instance.
  • You will be able to work with your own data sources and targets.
  • Free trial users are highly encouraged to register for the free trial, which will provide you with access to a Denodo engineer, as well as community support.

Free trial licenses are available for 30 calendar days, from the time the trial starts on the marketplace (not the registration date). We expect that you have basic to intermediate knowledge of data virtualization, and Denodo data virtualization, to be most productive. It is highly recommended that you register for the free trial, so that you can get help from a pre-sales engineer and request a 30-minute free consultation with a Denodo expert. After 30 days, the free trial period will be converted into a paid subscription.

The free trial is meant to provide you with a better understanding of the Denodo Platform and experience Denodo’s data virtualization in the cloud for evaluation purposes.

Once you complete the trial period, you can continue with a Denodo Professional pay-as-you-go subscription, on your cloud marketplace of choice. You can find more information about the AWS subscription options here, Microsoft Azure subscription options here, and Google Cloud Platform subscriptions here.

Free trials on the marketplace come with a preconfigured Denodo instance. There is no option to customize the install on an existing VM at this time. Review the quick start guides for further reference and guidance with setup requirements:

YYes, the Denodo Professional free trial is integrated with and offered via our partner cloud marketplaces. Denodo uses the cloud marketplace free trial options to offer our free trials. After your 30 day free trial period ends, if you continue to use Denodo Professional, you will pay on an hourly basis for the Denodo license. This allows you to leverage any work you did during the free trial to jumpstart your project. You can manage costs by shutting down the Denodo server VM/EC2 instance when it is not needed, and the billing is handled by the cloud vendor. You can also request an annual pricing/subscription via a private offer option on the cloud marketplace, which provides approximately a 10% discount over the hourly pricing, when used 24 X 7 X 365.

Denodo users can start small and grow large, to better manage costs using pay-as-you-go and consumption-based pricing via the cloud marketplaces. Denodo Professional enables you to start with up to 5 data sources and grow into the full Denodo Standard, Denodo Enterprise or Enterprise Plus. Denodo Enterprise Plus is the latest full enterprise version of the Denodo Platform. If you are interested in exploring its additional benefits or want to discuss a potential POC, please reach out to the Denodo team via the contact us form, and someone will get in touch with you.

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