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The 14-days free trial is targeted at all users interested in evaluating the Denodo Platform beyond the Test Drives and provide more time to explore the same. There are a couple of options to consider, both offer you the same Denodo Platform capabilities, but with some clear distinction as described in the table below:

Free Trial Entirely Provided by Denodo

  • Free Trial instance is hosted under Denodo’s AWS /Azure account.

  • Pre-defined data sources and managed by Denodo

  • Cannot connect to customer’s own data sources nor define new ones

  • Completely free (infrastructure + Denodo licenses)

Free Trial Under Customers’ Cloud Account (BYOL)

  • Start up free trial under customer’s AWS/ Azure account, provides lot more flexibility and control

  • Use your own data sources for validation/modelling and use case testing

  • Define connection to new data sources

  • Customer pays for the infrastructure, while Denodo licenses are completely free for trial period

Check out the FAQ for more details.


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