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Free Trials

Explore Data Virtualization in the Cloud
with a 14 Day Free Trial

Experience all the features and capabilities of the Denodo Platform

The 14 days free trial is targeted at all users interested in evaluating the Denodo Platform beyond the Test Drives and provide more time to explore the same.

There are a couple of options to consider:

  1. Free Trial using your own cloud account (AWS or Azure)- (aka - Denodo Free Trial –BYOL)
  2. Free Trial entirely provisioned by Denodo (AWS or Azure) – (aka Denodo Free Trial)

Both free trial options offer you the same Denodo Platform capabilities, but with some clear distinction as described in the table below:

Free Trial Provisioned by Denodo Free Trial under Customers’ Cloud Account (BYOL)
Free Trial instance is hosted under Denodo’s AWS /Azure account. Startup Free Trial under customer’s AWS/ Azure account, provides lot more flexibility and control.
Pre-defined data sources and managed by Denodo. Cannot connect to customer’s own data sources nor define new ones. Use your own data sources for validation/modelling and use case testing. Define connection to new data sources
Completely free (Infrastructure + Denodo Licenses). Customer pays for the infrastructure, while Denodo licenses are completely free for trial period.

Check out the FAQ for more details.

Free Trial provisioned by Denodo

Free Trial using your AWS account (BYOL)

Free Trial provisioned by Denodo

Free Trial using your Azure account (BYOL)