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The accelerating adoption of cloud platforms, cloud-based data stores, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications introduces new complexities and challenges for organizations that need to integrate their cloud data so that all systems work together seamlessly. The accelerating complexity of data in today’s world means that organizations need to connect everything together in a way that is flexible and agile. However, it can be challenging and resource intensive to integrate all of the data and make it available in real time for analytics or data services. Traditional approaches, which use extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to copy all of the data into a new repository, are time consuming and expensive, and they can result in data that is duplicated and out-of-sync with the source.

Data virtualization is the key technology to overcoming this challenge. As the only data integration style designed for distributed architectures, data virtualization provides a logical data access layer on top of multiple heterogeneous systems in distributed architectures. Today, the data management ecosystem is distributed in nature, so a logical data access layer such as data virtualization is the best fit.

Denodo Professional incorporates features that accelerate the delivery of governed data to business applications in the most appropriate format for each consumer, providing data integration across multiple heterogeneous systems.

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