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Data Virtualization for Dummies

Learn how to put DV to work in your organization

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What is Data Virtualization?

The core technology to enable modern data integration and data management solutions

Connect, introspect & govern any data source with zero data replication

Quickly connect disparate structured and unstructured sources. Catalog your entire data ecosystem. Data stays in the sources and it is accessed on demand, with no need to create another copy.


Combine & Integrate into Business Data Views

Build data models that suit the needs of the consumer, even across multiple sources. Hide the complexity of your back-end technologies from the end users.


consume & secure data views in multiple formats

The virtual model can be secured and consumed using standard SQL and other formats like REST, SOAP and OData.

Through 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture.

Gartner Market Guide for Data Virtualization, 16 November 2018

Benefits of Data Virtualization

Unique capabilities to build a data-driven organization

Easy access to all types of data


Full data integration and data modeling capabilities


Active Data Catalog and self-service capabilities for data & metadata discovery and data preparation


Full data security and data governance capabilities


Fast intelligent execution of data queries


Real-time data delivery in any format


Ability to create data marketplaces


Decoupling of business applications from data systems to facilitate data-driven strategies


On premises, cloud and multi-cloud interoperability


Encapsulation of legacy systems

Why Denodo

The Economic Impact of Denodo’s Data Virtualization
Faster time to market for any business data
IT agility to respond to business changing demands
Reducing data replication as much as you decide
Meet security/Privacy requirements
Centralized control of data query executions for full security and complete governance
Enabling legacy replacement, cloud migrations and multi-cloud deployments with minimal disruption and cost
Unlocking data for the success of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning corporate initiatives

A Successful Journey to the Cloud

Learn how to overcome the common challenges associated with migrating to the cloud
Companies are rapidly adopting cloud technologies to gain greater agility, flexibility and scalability. However, migrating apps and data from data center to the cloud are fraught with challenges related to downtime, security, compliance and latency problems, in case of hybrid or multi cloud scenarios. The Denodo Cloud solution, whether deployed purely in public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud mode, removes these challenges by creating an abstraction layer and thereby creating location transparency of myriad of data sources. Try out one of the AWS or Azure test drives to understand how the magic happens!

Customer Success Stories

We deployed the Denodo Platform to aid us in moving our data analytics platforms to the cloud, and Denodo data virtualization played a critical role in that journey. The Denodo platform, already excellent, is constantly evolving, and getting better every day.

Avinash Deshpande - Principal, Big Data and Analytics at Logitech

Denodo’s data virtualization technology has played the most important role in enabling our business users to garner valuable information through self-service reporting. The Denodo Platform’s capability has significantly increased the speed at which business is carried out at Seacoast Bank.

Mark Blanchette Mark Blanchette - VP, Director Business Technology and Data Management at Seacoast Bank

The Denodo Platform enables us to build and deliver data services to our internal and external consumers within a day instead of the 1–2 weeks that we would take with ETL.

Jay Heydt - Manager of Database Technologies, DrillingInfo.

The Denodo Platform is at least three integration tools in one, and likely more. We routinely discover new and inventive ways to access data using the platform.

Daniel Young Daniel Young - Chief Data Architect, Indiana University.


More Customer Success Stories

Fastest enterprise development

Denodo has more reviews and the highest ranking on the data integration market.

70% of the data virtualization projects with Denodo take between 0 and 3 months.


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