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It was always hard to complete data integration projects within time at Engie Mexico. Often it would take around three to six months and in certain cases even a year to deliver a data integration project. Denodo changed this for us; we can now deliver a full integration project in two weeks.
Luis Guadarrama
Sr. Manager Data Analytics and Innovation, Engie Mexico

Engie Mexico, a subsidiary of Engie, is committed to bringing energy to the people of Mexico. With more than 950 direct employees, Engie Mexico delivers energy to more than 2.5 million residential and industrial customers. Engie Mexico aspires to be a socially responsible organization by delivering carbon-neutral energy solutions.

Engie Mexico’s Data Virtualization and Capability Integration
(Da Vinci) Project

Engie Mexico had been maintaining a segregated legacy data infrastructure comprised of extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes, data warehouses, and Excel files; but the company had no single source of truth and found it difficult to keep a track of changes that were happening in the various data sources.

This led to the Data Virtualization and Capability Integration (Da Vinci) project, the company’s first major datacentric implementation project, designed to create a data infrastructure that could cater to a wide range of business requirements and build new business use cases to drive the company towards becoming a data driven company.

The Denodo Platform lies at the center of this new infrastructure, integrating data from disparate sources in real time and providing a logical, agile, flexible way to source, integrate, and deliver data. Engie has significantly improved its digital footprint since the start of the project and reduced the time-to-delivery of data integration projects. More than seven data integration projects were delivered within the initial six months of the start of the project. In the first 8 months of the year 2021, 11 projects in the area of descriptive analytics for data science were delivered.

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