Building a Logical Data Warehouse to Transform Supply-Chain Management

Sanofi is a global life sciences company headquartered in Paris, France. From prevention to treatment, throughout the continuum of care, Sanofi transforms scientific innovation into healthcare solutions in human vaccines; rare diseases, such as multiple sclerosis; oncology; immunology; infectious diseases; diabetes; cardiovascular treatments; and consumer healthcare. More than 100,000 employees work at Sanofi.

Supply Chain Transformation

Sanofi is currently going through a major global transformation in the supply chain area. The associated data transformations were complex, time-intensive and were consuming considerable computing resources. Sanofi needed a way to connect the different systems in its vast data landscape and gain a holistic view of the supply chain and all transformation models.

This was made possible with the Denodo Platform, which enabled Sanofi to connect its several SAP systems and gather master data such as materials billing information, vendor master data, customer master data, and transactional data, as well as purchase orders, sales orders, and event reports. Denodo’s Professionals Services team helped to ensure the high performance of the platform even during such data-intensive integrations. For Sanofi, the Denodo Platform has become one of the key enablers of the transformation of the company’s global supply-chain-management capabilities.



At a glance

Connecting data from a variety of systems to enable contextualized analysis.

Reduced time-to-market, by reducing development time.

Achieved better performance.

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