Denodo Platform for Azure

Denodo for Azure accelerates the time to insights and data services with ready-to-use Denodo modern data virtualization for Microsoft Azure

Deploy and configure your Denodo hybrid cloud data virtualization system in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Leverage quickly to launch Denodo images optimized for Azure and Microsoft’s flexible time-based licensing options. Denodo’ data virtualization for Azure can be used by the hour, by subscription or BYOL (bring your own license).

Denodo Platform 8 enhances Denodo data virtualization for Azure with a new unified web-based user interface with single-sign-on, AI-powered data catalog, hyper-performance with ML enhanced smart query optimization and configuration settings, the Apache Zeppelin-based Denodo notebook and much more. The Denodo Platform for Azure offers the same full-featured capabilities as the award-winning Denodo Platform deployed in on-premises environments.

With Denodo Platform 8, Denodo has also introduced a new entry level version of Denodo data virtualization for cloud marketplaces called Denodo Standard 8. Denodo Standard 8 provides an easy and efficient option to get started using Denodo pay-as-you-go on the cloud marketplaces. With Denodo Standard 8, you can quickly connect, combine and consume data from up to five data sources in your analytics tools of choice or as data APIs.

Included in Denodo’s out-of-the-box connectivity to 150+ cloud and on-premises data sources, is optimized connectivity including the following Microsoft Azure services:


Azure SQL Database


Azure Synapse Analytics


Azure Data Lake Storage gen2


Azure Database for PostgreSQL


Azure Database for MySQL


Azure Cosmos DB


Azure Blob


Azure HDInsight

Reference Architecture - Modern Logical Data Warehouse - Microsoft Azure


Data Virtualization not only has helped TransAlta for a smooth transition to the cloud, but also has helped TransAlta easily adhere to multiple data governance and compliance rules.


Licensing Options for Azure Marketplace

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Denodo Standard 8 ** NEW Starting at $6.27/hour
Denodo Platform 8 Starting at $15/hour
Complete Data Virtualization offering Expand beyond Data Virtualization to Data Management capabilities
Pay-as-you-go (hourly) or annual subscription(/private offer) Pay-as-you-go (hourly) or annual subscription(/private offer)
Up to 5 data sources Unlimited data sources
1 Development instance and solution manager included 1 Development instance and solution manager included
Core Denodo Data Virtualization Engine Core Denodo Data Virtualization Engine
Performance optimizations Performance Optimizations (+ with Smart Query Acceleration & MPP )
Security - RBAC, Authentication mechanism (LDAP, AD, Kerberos, SSO), Authorization, Encryption, Masking and more Security - RBAC, Authentication mechanism (LDAP, AD, Kerberos, SSO), Authorization, Encryption, Masking and more
Start small and grow Projects of any size, enterprise wide
Data lineage Data lineage
Denodo notebook (Apache Zeppelin based) for Data Science Denodo notebook (Apache Zeppelin based) for Data Science
Data Catalog - upgrade to Denodo Platform Data Catalog included
Advanced Diagnostics - upgrade to Denodo Platform Advanced Diagnostics included
Version Control - upgrade to Denodo Platform Version Control included

Key Use Cases


Hybrid Logical Data Warehouse

Integrating on-premises data stores (e.g. traditional on-prem enterprise data warehouses, analytical appliances, databases, etc.), Azure data warehouses and relevant SaaS applications, such as Salesforce, offers a single logical point of access for BI and reporting tools to query the combined data seamlessly in real-time, regardless of where the data is, without copying the data.


Acceleration of Cloud Migration

While organizations move their data to Azure databases and storage for cloud-based data warehousing solutions, Denodo data virtualization for Azure abstracts the data location from consuming analytics tools and operational applications, minimizing the impact to business users and applications during the migration process.


Simplify ML/AI in the Cloud

Data lakes, IoT architectures, NOSQL, SaaS apps and other systems coexist with relational databases to fuel the needs of modern analytics, ML and AI. Exploring and understanding the data available within your company can be time consuming. Leverage the Apache Zeppelin-based Denodo notebook, integrated security capabilities and advanced data catalog functionality in Denodo Platform 8 to browse the existing datasets and quickly analyze the data, regardless of the location.


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