The Denodo Platform for Azure

Accelerate time-to-insight and data services with a modern data integration, management, and delivery platform on Microsoft Azure

In today’s highly competitive, constantly changing business environment, real-time insights are crucial for success. The challenge is that data is stored across many different silos, in a variety of formats. It requires skilled IT resources to aggregate this data and ensure that it is in a common format so business users can gain meaningful insights from the data, and even with such resources, the process is highly complex.

The Denodo Platform is a logical data management solution that provides real-time access to curated, high-quality data. Powered by data virtualization, the Denodo Platform establishes a logical abstraction layer across all enterprise data assets that enables immediate access to any dataset without needing to first copy or replicate it. When a user connects to data and requests it, the Denodo Platform retrieves that data from one or more backend systems in real time, integrates it into business-friendly views, and delivers it to the user. Users can consume the data via Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, or any other analytics tool, to gain valuable insights.

The Denodo Platform for Microsoft Azure is available via four subscription tiers, enabling you to choose the features and capacity appropriate for your needs. More details on the various subscription tiers can be found here.

Included with the Denodo Platform’s out-of-the-box connectivity to 150+ cloud and on-premises data sources is optimized connectivity with the following Microsoft Azure services:


Azure SQL Database


Azure Synapse Analytics


Azure Data Lake Storage gen2


Azure Database for PostgreSQL


Azure Database for MySQL


Azure Cosmos DB


Azure Blob


Azure HDInsight

The Denodo Platform and Azure - Hybrid Logical Data Warehouse: Reference Architecture


Key Use Cases


Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Data Integration

Azure offers a choice of fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases, spanning proprietary and open-source engines. Additionally, departmental projects can adopt SaaS applications at an ever-increasing pace, and organizations still need to maintain their on-premises systems that are vital to business operations. In a hybrid/multi-cloud environment, the need for data integration has never been greater. The Denodo Platform for Azure offers a single logical point from which to seamlessly query and combine data in real time, using any business intelligence (BI) or reporting tool, regardless of where the source data is stored.


Self-Service BI

Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics are front and center for every successful company. However, many users need help finding and accessing the data they need, so they rely on IT staff. The Denodo Platform’s data catalog bridges the gap between the technical data infrastructure and business users. It provides search and collaboration capabilities and data exploration wizards. It’s the perfect companion for the virtual layer, to empower self-service initiatives with the capabilities for minimal IT intervention. It gives business users the tools to generate their insights with proper security, governance, and guardrails.


Data Services

The distributed nature of data today means that data is stored in various systems, on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid deployments. This adds complexity for data consumers, as access methods and data formats vary greatly. The Denodo Platform for Azure can expose data services that simplify access to various data sources through a unified set of access methods. These methods include JDBC/ODBC (SQL), OData, RESTful, GraphQL, and GeoJSON. For developers building applications that need access to data, they now have a standard interface to quality data, in a standard format, regardless of where that data may reside.

Customer Spotlight

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