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We are building a data science lab in the cloud, and the Denodo Platform enables our data scientists to focus on building models instead of data preparation.
Olav Lognvik
Data Platform Lead, DNB

The company wanted to build a data science lab in the cloud, so DNB implemented the Denodo Platform to easily transition to the cloud without affecting business continuity. The Denodo Platform helped the company’s data scientists to focus only on building models related to use cases such as product recommendations, personalized pricing, and more, rather than spending time on data preparation tasks.

A Data Science Lab in the Cloud

DNB has a data lake in AWS that stores all transactional data. The company also has multiple on-premises data warehouses and a Cloudera installation for the real-time management of streaming data entering the company’s banking systems from a broad range of sources. The Denodo Platform sits on top of the different sources, acting as a data marketplace for the data science team, which enables them to build their models using tools such as JupyterLab and R Studio. In addition, the Denodo Platform's Data Catalog also enabled DNB’s data scientists to browse and explore the vast data sets spread across the company’s expansive data ecosystem. DNB also plans to expose this data marketplace so that it serves as a single data delivery layer for business reporting.


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