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La prochaine génération de services financiers innovants

Une approche logique de la gestion des données pour une hyper-personnalisation axée sur les données et une innovation guidée par l'IA au rythme du métier

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Nueva generación de servicios financieros innovadores

Un enfoque lógico de gestión de datos que permite la hiperpersonalización basada en datos y la innovación basada en IA a la velocidad del negocio

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Delivering the next generation of innovative financial services

A logical data management approach that enables data-driven hyper-personalization & AI-led innovation at the speed of business!

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Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Compliance in Finance Using a Robust Data Governance Strategy

Best practices for banks and other financial institutions to modernize their data landscape

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Customer Case Study: Landsbankinn

Landsbankinn delivers data to end users at a speed never seen before

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The Value of Using a Logical Approach to Data Management in Financial Services and Insurance

In order for Financial Services and Insurance companies to embrace a data and AI-driven future, they must effectively integrate data from a growing array of sources. This necessity has evolved into a critical requirement for establishing a solid, secure, compliant, and robust data foundation. This foundation is pivotal in generating fresh insights, suggestions, and forecasts. By establishing this groundwork, these companies can develop real-time customer profiles, manage credit risks, combat fraud and financial crimes, ensure data security, address cybersecurity concerns, expand their...

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Facilitating the Digital Transformation in Financial Services

What technology are banks leveraging to drive greater agility and innovation in the face of constant change?Financial services industries are undergoing massive digital transformations, driven by the need to maintain their competitive advantages against traditional and new fintech challengers.Such transformations are challenging and can affect the entire institution on many levels. This whitepaper will look at ten such areas explaining what advancements you need to consider in each area.Download this solution brief to learn more about the following:

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Bridging Data Gaps with a Solid Data Foundation - A Key Imperative for Today’s Financial Services Firms

Panel by Jason Medwid, Practice Manager, Data and Analytics at Devfacto, and Greg Bowles, IT Shared Technology Services Manager at UFCU; and moderated by Parker Thompson, VP at Denodo.

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The Leading Financial Services Provider Expands Analytical Use Cases and Self-Service with the Denodo Platform

The bank is one of the largest government owned banks in Europe with total assets of over $160 billion. The bank operates both within Europe and at the international level to meet customer requirements.As one of the leading financial services providers in, the bank needed to stay at the top of the game when it comes to data and analytics. With this in mind, the bank implemented the Denodo Platform to efficiently integrate and deliver its vast amount of data. Read further to learn how this helped the bank to enable self-service data access and modern use cases.

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CDOs’ Perspectives: Unlocking the Data Value: Enabling Data Culture, Data Literacy and Self-Service

Data is valuable, no doubt, but it is useless if you and your organization do not know how to unlock its value. Organizations need to have a strategic approach to collecting, curating, and consuming the data. A strategy that combines technology with people; after all, it is the individuals who use the databases, data warehouses, and analytical and reporting applications to convert the data into valuable information needed to run the business better (than the competition). In other words, organizations need to create a data culture that is enabled by literacy and self-service. But how do you...

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