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Business Need

  • Cymer and other photolithography companies use 70% of the world’s neon gas.
  • With a worldwide slowdown in neon production and neon prices going up by as much as 20 times, Cymer wanted to reduce its gas usage.
  • Cymer wanted to develop better data management and predictive analytics systems, to improve decision making in service of reducing gas consumption. 


  • Cymer created a logical data warehouse using the Denodo Platform for consistent, efficient access to multitudes of data sources.
  • The logical data warehouse is the central location for enterprise business models, user access and security, and access to data as a service.
  • The logical data warehouse uses data virtualization to connect data marts, an operational data store, and a big data source, and deliver consolidated views across an entire range of consuming applications.


  • The Denodo Platform met expanding stakeholder expectations in terms of access, speed, and trust across the entire Cymer enterprise. 
  • The Denodo Platform demonstrated a wide variety of capabilities supporting advanced data modeling, predictive analytics, and visualization, enabling better strategic decisions on neon gas usage optimization.
  • Cymer is exceeding their initial expectation of neon gas usage reduction, while keeping its machines running and reducing its operating expenses.

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