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Webinar Series

Denodo Webinar Series feature leading IT thought leaders, analysts and customers who share their expertise and wisdom on topics ranging from data management to business intelligence. Select a series that interest you to learn more about the benefits data virtualization can offer to your enterprise.


Data Virtualization Packed Lunch Webinar Series

Sessions Covering Key Data Integration Challenges Solved with Data Virtualization

According to Gartner, “By 2018, organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% less on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets.” This solidifies data virtualization as a critical piece of technology integral to flexible and agile modern data architecture.


Packed Lunch Series

Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2017

Accelerate Your Fast Data Strategy with Big Data Fabric. Join leading subject matter and industry experts from companies like Forrester Research, Hortonworks, Denodo, Logitech, Tableau, and more.

Big data challenges are impacting its rate of adoption, resulting in diminished business agility and growth. Enterprises must think beyond Hadoop in order to achieve success in driving adoption of big data, and to sustain funding for big data initiatives. According to Forrester Research…


Fast Data Strategy

Denodo Datafest 2016 Sessions

Denodo DataFest is the premier technology industry gathering which brings together business leaders and technical experts for building rapid, agile data strategies for accelerating analytics, cloud, and big data projects. Watch demos, customer case studies, and implementation best practices from the 2016 edition.


Denodo Datafest 2016

Data Ninja Webinar Series

Series of webinars addressing the value proposition of data virtualization technology, its innovative capabilities, usage patterns, customer case studies and differentiation from traditional integration technologies.


Data Ninja Webinars

Educational Seminar: Logical Data Warehouse, Data Lakes, and Data Services Marketplace

Logical data warehouse, data lakes, and data services marketplace – essential components of the fast data strategy – are rapidly augmenting traditional data warehouses, data marts, and ETL. Reason? Agility and fast time-to-market.


Business Agility Series

Fast Data Strategy Summit 2016

Choose from over 20 sessions on customer case studies, education on data virtualization, and technical deep-dives filled with presentations panels, and demos. Walk away with practical knowledge about embedding fast data strategy within your IT projects. Become a friend of the business by providing faster insights and enabling rapid decision-making.


Fast Data Strategy Summit 2016

Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence and Business Agility in the Age of the Customer

It’s the age of the customer, which Forrester Research Inc. defines as a new business era where your customers are empowered through social, mobile, and other technologies giving them the power to disrupt your business.


Business Agility Series

Architect-to-Architect Webinar Series

Five in-depth technology and architecture sessions on Data Virtualization

Join us for this Architect-to-Architect webinar series, a follow-up to the popular Data Virtualization Packed Lunch webinar series, which will delve even deeper into the core functionality and capabilities of the Denodo Data Virtualization Platform. This series will enable you to gain deeper technical knowledge of our award winning platform including performance, governance, scalability, security, and more.


Architect-to-Architect webinar series

Broad Spectrum Data Virtualization Webinar Series

Five Sessions Covering Trends and Wide-Range of Use Case Patterns of Data Virtualization for 2014 & Beyond

Data Virtualization is more than just Agile BI. Broad spectrum Data Virtualization is about building a common semantic data layer that serves both Informational and Operational/Transactional business needs. Join leading industry analysts, including Claudia Imhoff and Rick van der Lans, for a webinar series that examines the wide range of use cases for broad spectrum Data Virtualization.


Broad Spectrum Series