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Denodo Platform for Mid-Market Businesses

Experience the Power of the Denodo Platform for Mid-Market Businesses

Start Small, Be Agile, Experience Simplicity, and Grow at your own Pace - Denodo offers solutions for all sizes of data integration and SaaS integration projects, for budget conscious business users. Some mid-market Denodo customers often start small and grow big. Denodo is here to support mid-market organizations through their data integration and data delivery journeys using a logical approach.

Denodo Platform for Mid-Market

Overcoming Data Integration Challenges with Targeted Use Cases

Whether you are a growth stage starup or a fast growing mid-market business, getting to know your data and gaining real-time, actionable insight is essential to driving modern organizations forward.

Mid-market businesses are engaging in the following use cases/solutions to gain the maximum value from the cloud.

Top Use Cases:

Customer 360

A holistic view of customer data for better customer segmentation and highly targeted marketing activities and a better understanding of customer preferences for upselling and cross-selling efforts.

BI reporting

BI Reporting for Smart Analytics

Enable self-service access to real-time data for everyone, which is key to building a modern cloud-native enterprise BI architecture to keep pace with the speed of business.

Data as a Service

Cleaned, curated information that is custom-fit to each stakeholder’s goals, so that when it arrives, it is immediately intelligible for purpose-built analytics.

BI reporting
BI reporting

Marketing Analytics

Enhanced the ROI via data driven decision making. Get profound insights into customer preferences and trends by leveraging more qualitative data to understand the behavior taking place throughout the customer journey.

Denodo Platform for Mid-Market

As a result, quickly overcome the following challenges:

IT Resource Constraints

A logical data integration and data management layer reduces the strain on IT and data engineers; the recent Forrester TEI report found that it resulted in a 67% reduction in data preparation effort.

Siloed /Disparate Data

By adopting a logical approach to data integration, businesses can integrate all of their data into a single logical view, in real time, regardless of location, structure, or state.

Hidden Data Truth

Data virtualization significantly reduces time-to-value, making it easier to mine the data for hidden truths.

Data Security, Compliance, and Privacy in the Cloud

All businesses are under increasing pressure to maintain and protect their data. Denodo Professional uniquely provides a single data integrity and governance layer.

Denodo Platform for Mid-Market

Getting Started with Solving the Above Challenges

The Denodo Platform is available at several subscription levels, through your chosen cloud marketplace, where you can leverage enterprise agreements and committed user discounts, as well as take advantage of hourly usage, to avoid long-term commitments.

mid-market diagram

Denodo Professional

Denodo Professional is designed to get you started on data integration (up to 5 data sources) and data delivery, powered by data virtualization.

A 30-day free trial provides a smooth onboarding experience; thereafter, it's as low as $6.27/hour or $50K/year for a 4-core subscription.

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Azure Marketplace
GCP Marketplace

Denodo Standard

Takes business to the next level by providing, on top of the benefits of Denodo Professional, unlimited data sources and version control, as well as the ability to choose whether to commission your Denodo Platform instance within your own data center or public cloud.

You can buy/sign-up for Denodo Standard subscription here:

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GCP Marketplace

Take advantage of sales engineer support during the 30-day free trial by registering for the free trial

Denodo Platform for Mid-Market

Customer Success Stories


"In four months, the team’s implementation of the Denodo Platform enabled Ultra Mobile to move from siloed spreadsheet-based reports, with very little data-lineage control, to a process-driven, governed, consistent view of the data. This transformation led to the discovery of insights that had a significant impact on the Ultra Mobile business.”



"Using the Denodo Platform, GetSmarter achieved major efficiency gains by getting its data warehouse ready for production in about 2 weeks, which otherwise would have taken about 6 months.”

Seacoast Bank

"Denodo’s data virtualization technology has played an important role in enabling our business users to garner valuable information through self- service reporting. The Denodo Platform has significantly increased the speed at which business is carried out at Seacoast Bank."

Denodo Free Trial

30-days free trial on the cloud for you to fully test Denodo Professional


Denodo Express

The free way to data virtualization