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Our award winning data virtualization platform is regularly featured in the world's leading business and IT publications worldwide. 





Denodo Offers Data Virtualization Test Drive on Microsoft Azure

Following on the heels of its recently announced Test Drive on AWS, the newest Denodo Test Drive empowers users to quickly and easily create real-time data delivery without replication and explore the benefits of using the Denodo Platform on Azure. 

DM Radio Podcast - How a "Data Fabric" Can Weave the Modern Business

With a multi-cloud world now a foregone conclusion, today’s innovators are working on the design and production of a data fabric. In this podcast Ravi Shankar, CMO from Denodo, discusses about Data Fabric works and its benefits. Check out this episode of DM Radio to find out!

Data Virtualization–Democratize Your Data

In the process, most organizations are finding themselves juggling with multiple repositories and platforms while creating more data silos than unified platforms for insights. Disparate technology stacks tend to hamper timely, integrated data delivery to business users, customers, and partners. As a result, data is scattered across multiple operational and analytical systems and that is the biggest challenge today’s organizations are faced with.

Denodo Brings Data Virtualization Technology to the Masses

According to a new press release, “In an effort to help organizations better understand data virtualization (DV) and how they can use it to gain fast and easy access to unified business information, Denodo, a leader in data virtualization, today announced the general availability of a free Test Drive environment for evaluating the benefits of the Denodo Platform in a live instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available at 

Data Virtualization Defined: How it Helps Organizations Succeed

In a recent DATAVERSITY® interview, Lakshmi Randall, Director of Global Product Marketing for Denodo, said that with Data Virtualization, “You don’t need large infrastructure; customers are not coming to the data – the data is coming to them.”

Data virtualization preps business for data explosion

According to Gartner, by 2020 over a third (35%) of enterprises will have put a data virtualization initiative into operation, mainly because it provides an incredibly efficient and cost-effective way of integrating all of their business information, without having to move or duplicate between the different sources.

The 28 Best Data Integration Software Tools for 2019

Denodo has been included in Solutions Review's list of "The 28 Best Data Integration Software Tools for 2019"

Blockchain and Data Virtualisation at the European Commission

The European Commission is very much aware of the impact that new technologies have and will continue to have on the lives of the European Citizens in the future. One of the most important strategic drives of the Juncker Commission is fostering a European Digital Single Market, along with promoting and supporting innovation in the area of new technologies.

Minimizing the Complexities of Machine Learning with Data Virtualization

How the features and benefits of data virtualization can make working with data easier and more efficient.

Self-service analytics tools hand BI power to business users

Self-service analytics tools are now driving most new deployments of BI and data visualization software, according to Gartner. A project at Indiana University is a case in point. In 2015, IU put together a team of data analysts and architects to implement and then operate a BI system with Tableau Software's self-service analytics software. The university uses Denodo Technologies' data virtualization tools to pull data from various internal systems for analysis and visualization in Tableau.