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Sono cinque i data trend del 2022 (Italian)

Denodo fotografa i principali di quest'anno, spiegando come le aziende potranno utilizzare i dati nella maniera più efficace e accurata.


Top 5 trends that will accelerate change and enable organizations to leverage data effectively in 2022

The pandemic has compelled organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and look for smarter and more agile ways to manage and leverage their corporate data assets. Data governance has become challenging in the ever-increasing complexity and distributed nature of the data ecosystem. Interoperability, collaboration and trust in data is imperative for a business to succeed. Data needs to be easily accessible and fit for purpose.


Turning data into opportunity post-pandemic

We all know about the importance of data. Over the years it’s become the lifeblood of every organization, regardless of size or sector. And, as digital continues to take precedence, every action, interaction and reaction produces more of it. In fact, Forbes recently estimated that over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being produced each day. A number that is only going to grow as time goes on.


PodChats for FutureCIO: Making better decisions with data

Better business decisions happen when the right people have access to the right data at the right time. However, Gartner cautions that building a data-driven enterprise is not just about encouraging the use of data in decision making. Data and analytics leaders must lead the development of the appropriate competencies and align work to be consistent with their enterprise’s ambitions for generating information value.


The Upcoming Year in Big Data: A 2022 Preview

The world of big data is a never-ending roller coaster of new technologies, new techniques, and an ever-growing tsunami of data. As we roll into 2022, we turn to the community of big data practitioners and solution providers for insight into what trends might move the needle in the new year.


Top tech trends to watch in 2022, according to experts

usiness operations have been quite unpredictable for the last couple of years, making it challenging to predict what might happen next and how the IT industry will be affected by certain developments.


Texas Mutual, Chief Data Officer: Three Pillars of Data Strategy

(US and Canada) Mike Hernandez, Chief Data Officer at Texas Mutual together with Ravi Shankar, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo, discuss Mike's role and responsibility as the first chief data officer of Texas Mutual. Mike built the data strategy of Texas Mutual around three pillars - analytics, data governance, and data platforms. The main focus of the chief data officer is to deliver value to the business with the use of data and analytics.


Denodo: i cinque data trend che accelereranno il cambiamento nel 2022 (Italia)

Nascono nuovi paradigmi in materia di Data Integration, e Denodo, attiva nella virtualizzazione dei dati, ha identificato i cinque principali trend che segneranno il 2022 e apriranno la strada del cambiamento, velocizzandone il processo per ogni azienda, indipendentemente dalla sua dimensione e dal settore di appartenenza.


I 5 Data Trend che accelereranno il cambiamento nel 2022 secondo Denodo (Italian)

La crescente rilevanza dei dati è diventata una leva differenziante per il business: per questo, sul modello di Amazon o Netflix, sempre più aziende intendono adottare modelli di business fondati e guidati dai dati. Negli ultimi anni, questa percezione di un cambiamento non più procrastinabile, ha fatto sì che le aziende accelerassero nella loro Digital Transformation, diventando al contempo consapevoli dell’importanza di saper integrare e gestire in modo agile i dati a loro disposizione, dati che, pur nella loro eterogeneità e distribuzione geografica, devono sempre essere resi facilmente accessibili, sicuri e governati.


5 Trends That Will Enable Organizations to Leverage Data Effectively in 2022

With data dependency at an all-time high for businesses, almost every industry player is looking to establish themselves as a technology company first, similar to Amazon or Netflix. Organizations have pushed the gas pedal on their digital transformation journey, and now understand that they need to be mindful of how they integrate and manage enterprise data that is distributed, still easily accessible, trusted, and governed.

This has prompted the advent of modern data integration styles like data virtualization, as industries of all kinds and sizes look to accelerate change and leverage data effectively.