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Our award winning data virtualization platform is regularly featured in the world's leading business and IT publications worldwide. 





Denodo Rolls Out Data Virtualization Primer

Data virtualization leader Denodo has published an eBook, titled Data Virtualization for Dummies, for business leaders looking into the technology.

Crawford Takes Insurance Data into the Digital Age

How a service provider to insurance companies modernized its data infrastructure to create products for the modern age.


Machine Learning Transformed: Data Quality and Operational Necessities

Machine Learning elicits mixed reactions. On the one hand, some consider Machine Learning a company’s new super power that has “swept enterprise technology, using mass amounts of data and algorithms to make predictions.” At the same time Machine Learning has been considered an overhyped fad and a panacea, failing to deliver. While both can be true, companies need to factor in Machine Learning to automate business.

How natural language processing can transform business intelligence

In recent years there has been a dramatic explosion in the use of natural language processing interfaces, which are making appearances in search engines and forming the basis for consumer voice-based assistants such as Siri and Alexa. But it’s business intelligence that is poised to become profoundly transformed by NLP.

Data virtualisation: the key to better machine learning?

Alberto Pan, Chief Technical Officer at Denodo, looks at how data virtualisation is enabling organisations to make the most of their data.

Simplifying machine learning through data virtualisation

It is often said that data is the new oil; a valuable commodity that drives the operations of businesses everywhere. So vast is the volume and variety of data that flows through today’s organisations that data lakes have now become one of the principal data management architectures.

Denodo Announces Free Data Virtualization Test Drive Environment on Azure

Denodo recently announced that a free Test Drive environment is now available on Microsoft Azure. The latest Denodo Test Drive allows users to effortlessly develop real-time data delivery sans the replication and also check out the advantages of using the Denodo Platform on Microsoft Azure.

How to Get More From Your Data in 2019

It’s no surprise that data has become an important asset for most organizations. The ascension has been propelled by many trends. In the 80s it was the database, in the 90s it was the data warehouse, in the 2000s it was cloud and social data, and in the 2010s it was big data.

Denodo provides data virtualisation test drive on Microsoft Azure

Denodo, a provider in data virtualisation announced the availability of a free Test Drive environment on Microsoft Azure. Following on the heels of its recently announced Test Drive on AWS, the newest Denodo Test Drive empowers users to quickly and easily create real-time data delivery without replication and explore the benefits of using the Denodo Platform on Azure.

Data virtualisation: how can it help your organisation?

Data. It’s what drives the beating heart of our digital society - informing and shaping the increasingly complex landscape of business processes, markets, products and consumer needs. By Charles Southwood, Regional VP, Northern Europe and MEA, Denodo.