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Data Lake


Accessing and analyzing large datasets in a data lake comes with challenges. These include finding the right data in a sea of unstructured or semi-structured information, possible data quality problems from stale data, balancing security and access for sensitive data, and ensuring that queries run quickly enough to deliver timely results. And these challenges assume that the data you need is already in the data lake. Otherwise, you have to deal with the challenge of ingesting data from various external data sources and governing and maintaining those new pipelines.

Data Lake

The Denodo Platform simplifies access to data regardless of its location, format or latency. The Denodo Platform provides a centralized data access layer atop your data lake and any other data source, to enable all users to easily find, query, integrate, and securely share datasets in real time. To efficiently process the large data volumes often managed in a data lake, Denodo embeds a Presto-based MPP engine, which combined with Denodo's Smart Query Accelerator features, provide lightning-fast query performance at scale. The Denodo Platform also provides a centralized point from which security and compliance teams can monitor and manage all data access.

Unsurpassed Query Response Times

Combining the highly scalable and efficient Presto-based MPP SQL engine with the Denodo Platform’s AI-driven Smart Query Accelerator, queries are optimized for speed. This integration ensures rapid query execution through intelligent caching, cost-based optimization, and a suite of other optimization strategies, to deliver the quickest possible results.

Democratizing Access to The Data Lake

The Denodo Platform unlocks and democratizes access to the data lake by seamlessly converting diverse data formats into user-friendly views. Complemented by an intuitive web-based interface and a sophisticated data catalog with capabilities like intelligent recommendations and smart search, users can access enterprise-wide data with efficiency and ease.

Enterprise-Wide Data Access

Specialized connectors enable organizations to effortlessly connect to over 200 different systems, ranging from simple spreadsheets and SaaS services to complex data warehouses and data lakes. By making this integration process easy and quick, you can tap into the value of new data faster, allowing your business to adapt to changing data needs with speed and flexibility.

Flexible Data Delivery Option, Beyond SQL

Modern architectures need more than support for JDBC and ODBC for SQL queries. You must consider REST and GraphQL APIs for developers, Python for data scientists, and Kafka and JMS for streaming applications. You need to support simultaneous access through different channels. This flexibility streamlines how team members access and use data, promoting efficiency and precision across your organization.

Agility, Compliance, and Reduced Risk

Integrated semantic data access layer with metadata tagging and Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC) provides an agile, flexible approach to enhanced analytics, the precise tracking of sensitive data, and tailored access rights.

Data Lake

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