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Gebrüder Weiss is an international transport and logistics company headquartered in Lauterach, Austria. More than 8,000 employees work for the company at 180 locations in 35 countries. In 2021, Gebrüder Weiss had an annual turnover of 2.54 billion euros.

Data Virtualization at Gebrüder Weiss

As a global logistics and supply chain solution provider, Gebrüder Weiss generates a huge amount of data. This data often resides in disparate data sources in on-premises and cloud environments. This heterogeneity of data sources made it difficult to integrate data for contextual analysis, which was a key requirement for process optimization and improving the delivery time for meeting customer requirements. When required, the company’s end users collected data in CSV files from various applications and collated them before performing the necessary analysis, a process that was highly inefficient and unsuitable for a business requiring real-time data analysis.

To address this situation, Gebrüder Weiss implemented the Denodo Platform to integrate its various data warehouses including those branded by SAP (BW), Oracle, Microsoft (SQL), and Postgres. The combined data from these sources is now being provided to a variety of analytics and BI applications including Tableau, Power BI, and SAP Lumira. By using the Denodo Platform, Gebrüder Weiss has accelerated data-model delivery, centralized data governance, and positioned itself to better meet fast-changing business requirements.

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