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ING is one of the leading digital and universal banks in Germany, offering accounts, savings, mortgages, loans, deposits, pension plans, equity and fixed income securities, brokerage services, and investment funds.

Denodo at ING-DiBa AG

ING has accumulated a large number of legacy data systems that create inefficiencies when it comes to serving customers in the digital age. As more customers interact with banks through online platforms and mobile apps, a seamless cross-channel experience is key for customer engagement and satisfaction.

To ensure that all of the data relevant to customers and business users can be efficiently integrated and delivered through the right channels, ING deployed the Denodo Platform to create value fast and in an agile manner. By incorporating data virtualization, ING was able to re-architect its data infrastructure to support more data sources and data models. ING focused on reporting and data science use cases, providing the appropriate support for data access, rights management, and data pre-processing. This new approach to data architecture has increased the agility of ING data teams to more quickly deliver on business requirements, reducing the bank’s manual and overall development efforts.

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