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Enhancing Information Assets for Stakeholder Services Using a Data Marketplace


Andrea Soranzio
“The data marketplace, built on the Denodo Platform, has increased the flexibility and adaptability of Insiel’s data architecture, which was so necessary considering the vast amount of disparate data that had to be integrated, and it enabled us to effectively and efficiently make the data available to those who need it.”
Andrea Soranzio Innovation Manager at Insiel

Insiel, founded in 1974, is the in-house ICT company of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. It ensures the consistency and the development of the Integrated Regional Information System: a tailored system to support a modern and efficient public service. Every day, public employees of the region, municipalities, health services companies, hospitals, local authorities, and citizens use the IT services that Insiel designs, implements, and manages. Almost 250 municipalities of the region benefit from these services.

Implementing a Data Marketplace

Since its founding, Insiel has gathered a large amount of historical data and information related to its region, public administration, local authorities, and public health. To make this data useful for services to citizens and businesses, Insiel wanted to enhance the value of the data and information by integrating it and making the integrated data available to relevant stakeholders. However, without an efficient tool to integrate its vast amount of data sources with data of different data formats and protected by different security protocols, Insiel found it difficult to achieve this goal. Insiel needed a data platform with which users did not have to be concerned about the technicalities of the different data sources and are better able to dedicate most of their time to data analysis and generating insights. These requirements inspired Insiel to implement the Denodo Platform.

With the Denodo Platform, Insiel can integrate its vast amount of heterogeneous data, structured or unstructured, and deliver the integrated data through a single platform to the BI applications and the data consumers. The technologically agnostic nature of the platform and its wide range of data adapters meant that one could easily add or remove data sources to the platform as and when required, without a hassle. Also, the Denodo Platform integrated data without replication. The Denodo Platform's Data Catalog ensures that a unique semantic model can be built, and that data can easily be made accessible to the large number of data consumers who often lack the technological know-how of data integration, saving a lot of time and costs on fulfilling new data integration requests.


Insiel S.p.A.

At a glance

Expanded the reach of data throughout the organization with a data marketplace.

Implemented several important use cases, especially in public education around COVID-19.

Enabled shared governance and security through the data catalog.

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