Pacific Coast Producers


Pacific Coast Producers (PCP) is a company that is in the business of canning fruits and tomatoes. They faced challenges with getting timely and consolidated operational data from their pitting, cutting, filling and labeling machines which led to:

  • Downstream wastage from not identifying critical defects in products
  • Production downtimes due to delays in fixing machine problems
  • Reduced proactivity in identifying grower product issues early on


  • Denodo deployed to combine disparate operational data into a consolidated view
  • Key metrics checked against pre-determined tolerance conditions
  • Notification sent by SMS in real-time to supervisors, maintenance staff


  • Timely information
  • Operations staff at PCP were able to get the most current, consolidated view of the status of all machines that allowed them to timely remedial action resulting in reduced costs, minimizing delays, wastage and downtimes
  • Easy consumption for analytics
  • The consolidated view of operational data could be reused for consumption with no additional effort by tools such as Qlikview and Excel leading to greater insights for process improvement.


Pacific Coast Producers

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