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Denodo platform allows Prologis to be fast and nimble in our analytics. With Denodo, we were able to connect directly to all the key sources and start answering business questions with data."
Luke Slotwinski
VP, Data and Analytics

Founded in 1983, Prologis invests in logistics facilities, focusing on the consumption side of the global supply chain. Each year, an average of $1.5 trillion worth of materials flow throw through the company’s distribution centers located in 19 countries across 4 continents.

Every day, Prologis data scientists and capital deployment stakeholders need to make fast, insightful decisions that move the company forward. This is why Prologis implemented the Denodo Platform right at the heart of the company’s BI infrastructure.

Denodo in the Middle

The Denodo Platform creates integrated views of data drawn from a data warehouse, an application database, and a cloud-based repository, and distributes these views in real time to reporting and analytics applications. This provides users with real-time, integrated data without replication and its associated costs and maintenance requirements, and without having to use ETL processes, which are resource-intensive.

Supported by the Denodo Platform, Prologis capital deployment stakeholders have quicker access to insights and can now quickly validate assumptions without having to manually dig through hundreds of line items covering different aspects of the building process, as they had to do previously. Also, they can now access automated reports with suggested costs and other parameters. Data scientists can now access, distribute, and share data much more quickly, so business users can move beyond purely historical analysis, consume new data sources by integrating data and sharing it with third-party partners, and by developing new models to support predictive analytics.

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