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Jeff Ptak

What sets Denodo apart is its ability to enable me to write a single statement that will query multiple data sources, without my having to know or care how to connect to those sources.

Jeff Ptak Director of Data Engineering & Analytics at Sunbelt Rentals

As a leader in the equipment rental industry, and the second largest rental provider in North America, Sunbelt Rentals is constantly advancing the idea of how a company can best serve its customers, communities, and the planet. With a vast network of more than 1,100 locations across North America and an expansive portfolio of 500,000+ product types and services, Sunbelt Rentals delivers solutions to support any job.

Sunbelt Rentals is on a mission to provide an unrivaled Customer Experience (CX) for all kinds of rental customers, from single rental usage to long-term, custom made turnkey solutions. As a leader in the equipment rental industry, and the second largest rental provider in North America, Sunbelt Rentals, wanted to grow from the number two equipment rental company in North America to number one. To meet this goal, Sunbelt Rentals needed a growth plan capable of driving and supporting an enterprise-wide digital transformation that would place data at the heart of the journey.

Accelerating and Simplifying data access

Looking to overcome the limitations of ETL, Sunbelt Rentals set out to modernize their data integration efforts and create a single access point for the business and developer teams to access all of their data assets and chose the Denodo Platform to serve as their Enterprise Data Hub; a single centralized location that would allow all individuals to access disparate and trusted data regardless of source, location, or structure. Using Denodo, Sunbelt Rentals is making data available faster to all of its existing Cloud and On-premises systems and applications to support their digital transformation efforts and ensure team members have the information they need to better serve their customers.


Sunbelt Rentals

At a glance

The logical data fabric accelerated and simplified data access with 200% productivity improvement.

The entire company can now leverage real-time data for better, faster decisions.

Denodo's centralized data access layer allowed Sunbelt Rentals to seamlessly run target marketing campaigns across customer segments.

Since deploying Denodo, the Sunbelt Rentals data team are now able to easily connect, combine and deliver data views to business users for quicker insights in minutes, rather than hours.

With Denodo’s data catalog, all stakeholders now have self-service data access.

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