Sureprep faced the following challenges with extracting information to populate tax returns -

  • Increasing number of data sources (bank reports, brokerage reports)
  • Increasing variability of sources leading to frequent modification of extraction processes
  • Increasing costs in developing and maintaining custom data extraction scripts


Sureprep deployed its publishing solution using Denodo Data Virtualization in 3 steps –

  • Automated extraction of tax data from reports, websites, OCR output (hierarchical data) and normalization to a relational format
  • Application of quality checks and business rules, integration with historical master data
  • Flexible data services used to publish data to tax software packages as well as internal users and applications via JDBC/ODBC/web services


  • Increased efficiency in incorporating new reports and formats
  • Greater scalability in accommodating new customers
  • Better compliance through increased data accuracy



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