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In the years of the dotcom madness it took audacity to imagine how to integrate data without moving it from its original repository. The IT world was thrilled by the revolutionary idea of connecting content through hyperlinks. The ability to create webs of searchable and browsable documents. And the capacity to reach fragmented information quickly and easily through simple applications such as search engines and internet browsers. Far from the hype of internet fever, Denodo envisioned a middleware technology that could bring the flexibility of the web to the rigid world of enterprise data in corporate data centers. Denodo focused on building a data virtualization product with the capability to query, browse, search and manage corporate data. All this, without the need to move data, replicate data, or code. This dream became a reality. We like to call it the Denodo Platform.

We Access, Integrate and Deliver Data 10x Faster and 10x Cheaper than Any Other Middleware Solution. For more than 10 years our customers have experienced how affective this 10x factor has been to data integration projects through Enterprise Data Lakes, Corporate Data Access Layers, Logical Data Warehouses, Shared Data Services Layers, Open Data Portals, Single Unified Views of Business Entities, and others. Additionally, we help to decouple front-end applications from back-end systems, facilitate data provisioning, system migrations, and the reusability of data services for different enterprise uses.

We Love What We Do. We Understand Our Customer’s Pain Points. And we are dedicated to help our customers get timely access to data in a world of fragmented repositories, diverse technologies and rapid data growth. We have witnessed their success as they embrace and experience data management through data virtualization. We believe in eliminating data congestion. We believe in the “liberation of data”. And now we are the catalyst for fostering the enterprise use of data, and for tapping into new data sources like NoSQL, Hadoop, Web, Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). Today Denodo has become a global data force. We have become the key enabler of best data integration practices around the world. We carry our message and our solutions everywhere, from South Africa to Norway, and Brazil to Japan. We love to team with our customers. We share their experiences and we solve their problems. And we do that with a service culture that has been the cornerstone of our business.

This Is Our Denodo. A Community Where Everyone Is Passionate About Data.

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Denodo was founded in 1999 by Angel Viña, at the time a Full Professor at the University of A Coruña, Spain. Denodo moved its headquarters to the Silicon Valley in 2005, and operates globally from its offices in Palo Alto, New York, Chicago and Boise in the USA, and London, Munich, Madrid and A Coruña in the EU, as well as through a network of global and local partners worldwide.

Why Denodo?

The Only 100% Data Virtualization Company.

DV is all we do and have done for 14 years. No other company has more R&D, more enterprise-scale customer deployments, and more expertise in DV than we do.

A Broad-Spectrum DV Platform.

Denodo Platform is feature-packed, but more importantly it is holistic - the only DV to fulfill the "hour-glass" vision connecting Any data source to Any user/application with an efficient middle layer. No other DV platform can access more sources, translate more data types, or output more data service formats. This gives Denodo users tremendous flexibility to go beyond simple Agile BI use cases to address many more analytical, transactional, web/cloud, content and unified data management scenarios.

Offers Intelligent High Performance in the Real-World.

Denodo takes a hybrid approach to performance optimization - combining advanced real-time query optimization, intelligent caching, and selective data movement - and horizontal and vertical scalability that satisfy multi-terabyte analytical workloads and millions of concurrent operational query workloads.

Solution Expertise, Patterns and Anti-Patterns.

We are passionate about DV and our customers success using it. We've translated 14 years of experience working on the world's largest DV deployments into best practices, patterns and anti-patterns for DV, and programs to create DV expertise within our customers. Customers usually rate our training, services and support as "like no other software vendor we've encountered".

Exceptional Value for Enterprise Use.

Denodo includes every connector and every DV feature/capability to address every kind of information in one package/price. You only pay for capacity. More global companies choose Denodo's enterprise unlimited license because of our broad spectrum capabilities and much lower TCO compared to other integration solutions.

No other DV platform can access more sources, translate more data types, or output more data service formats.

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