Public Sector and Education

How the public sector and education can win the digitization game

A Wave of Digitization Across the Public Sector and Education

Federal, local, and state governments, along with many institutions of higher education, are not far from getting entirely digitally transformed. They have already begun using digital technology to improve lives. This includes building IoT connected cities, implementing privacy and protection safeguards to protect personal information, and deploying chatbots in call centers to automate utility services, enrollment, and other scenarios. To accomplish these initiatives, government agencies and university systems are revamping their IT budgets, redesigning processes with users in mind, and using big data, cloud, mobile, and other modern technologies for improved customer communication, analytics, and decision making.

By 2022, 30% of CDOs will partner with their CFO to formally value the organization’s information assets for improved information management and benefits.


Challenges Remain for Disruptive Digitization

Though the public sector and education has seen some early success with digital transformation, multiple challenges still need to be surmounted. With the recent spate of cyberattacks, many federal and local governments have become extremely cautious about data privacy and governance. In many cases, if the data is spread across too many silos and the data ownership for different silo falls under different department or location, it is difficult to implement a comprehensive, economical digital transformation that can scale. The public sector faces the additional challenges of cost and budget pressure. With all of these challenges, many public sector companies and educational institutions are looking for a comprehensive solution that can facilitate a digital transformation with a quick turnaround time.

Disrupt the Status Quo with Data Virtualization

One solution that can overcome all of these challenges is data virtualization. The agility, flexibility, simplicity, security, and data abstraction features inherent to data virtualization makes it easy choice for data architects and developers alike. With data virtualization at the center, public sector companies and educational institutions are deploying next-generation enterprise data architecture for successful big data analytics, cross-campus information sharing with proper governance and security measures in place, and single views of their constituents’ information.


The Benefits of Data Virtualization


Low TCO with high ROI


Highly secure interfacility data transfer for government organizations


Fastest possible turnaround for enterprise data architecture modernization



The only pure-play data virtualization product in the cloud


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