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US Energy - Pantex

Business Need

The Pantex Plant is the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) production integrator and provider of nuclear solutions for the U.S. Department of Energy. The company faced challenges with securely sharing weapons lifecycle data across multiple NNSA facilities, and this led to delays in projects as well as rising maintenance costs. As a result, NNSA established the PRIDE program to securely deliver weapon product lifecycle information to users spread across different sites in North America. 

  • The primary data challenge for Pantex was sharing data across facilities, which was governed by high security restrictions.
  • The lack of a central data repository and the inability to track data ownership resulted in delayed data delivery.
  • The non-existence of data lineage information, a versioning system, and email-based data sharing, resulted in massive data governance issues. 


  • Data virtualization created virtual data marts on top of the data repository, for easy access through simple queries run from a Web-based front end.
  • Data virtualization also created a SOAP-based data publishing mechanism for assembly-line data.
  • Using data virtualization, surveillance equipment data is published as a secure web service, for secure inter-facility data transfer.


  • Pantex realized 15% ROI within three months after deploying data virtualization.
  • Pantex benefitted through significantly shorter project cycle times, as data virtualization provided real-time data to business users across sites.
  • Data virtualization established a secure, controlled process for inter-facility data transfer.

The Quotes

“Serving the Nuclear Security Enterprise through a highly reliable combination of people, processes, infrastructure and business systems, the Pantex Plant is charged with securing America by providing services that focus on four core missions: national security, nuclear explosive operations, nuclear material operations, and high explosive operations. With a long-term mission of safely and securely maintaining the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and dismantling weapons retired by the military, our data virtualization strategy plays an important role in expediting projects by enabling fast and secure movement of data through different facilities.”
Stefanie Elsea, Program Information Technologist, B&W Pantex

Other Resources

Case Study: How Pantex Used Data Virtualization to Share Sensitive Information Across Facilities to Maintain the Nuclear Weapons Stockpile

Download this document to learn how Pantex leveraged the Denodo Platform to set up virtual data marts for downstream users and to feed IBM Data Stage Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes for loading data into the data warehouse.

Info Tech Article: Pantex Implements Denodo Platform in Its Facility

Pantex has announced that with the help of the Denodo Platform it has managed to securely deliver weapon life cycle information with minimal replication to engineers, scientists and other users.

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