How Data Virtualization Works


Data virtualization uses a simple three-step process—connect, combine, consume—to deliver a holistic view of enterprise information to business users across all of the underlying source systems.
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Connect to Any Data Source

Data virtualization connects to all types of data sources—databases, data warehouses, cloud applications, big data repositories, and even Excel files.

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Combine Any Type of Data

Data virtualization combines the related information into business views irrespective of their data format—relational databases, noSQL, Hadoop, web services and Cloud APIs, files, etc.

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Consume the Data in Any Mode

Data virtualization enables business users to consume data through reports, dashboards, portals, mobile apps, and Web applications.

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See It in Action

Data virtualization is a unified, virtual data layer with which enterprise applications and users can access any enterprise information regardless of its location, format, or protocol, using the methods that best suit their work needs such as data discovery and search.

Data Virtualization Use Cases

Data virtualization supports many critical use cases within an organization. Here are the key solutions enabled by data virtualization:

Customer Centricity / MDM

  • A complete view of the customer

Data Governance

  • GRC
  • GDPR
  • Data Privacy / Masking

Data Services

  • Data as a Service
  • Data Marketplace
  • Data Services
  • Application and Data Migration

BI and Analytics

  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Logical Data Warehouse
  • Enterprise Data Fabric

Big Data

  • Logical Data Lake
  • Data Warehouse offloading
  • IoT Analytics

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Modernization
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Hybrid Data Fabric

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Also, data virtualization supports solutions that are specific to many industries such as banking, insurance, and oil and gas. Learn how data virtualization can help you in your industry.

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