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The free way to data virtualization

Denodo Express

The Denodo Platform is the industry-leading logical data management platform, offering a robust set of capabilities for comprehensive data management. Denodo also offers a complimentary version called Denodo Express.

Denodo Express provides standard features to help users quickly understand and leverage the power of a logical approach to integrating a variety of data sources. It is free to download and, easy to deploy, so it simplifies your entry into data virtualization, the first step in logical data management.


Denodo Express

Why Denodo Express

Easy to access and use

Any single user with an online registration can download, install, and use it.

Complete product

GUI-based studio and scripted development, connectors to most data sources, metadata driven integration, transformation and data quality, real-time query optimization, caching batch scheduler, data services, security, data governance, data discovery search/browse, and monitoring.


Any number of sources or projects. Up to 3 concurrent queries and 10,000 results per query.

Bundled Support and Training

Online community-based support, tutorials, and videos, all of which are free. Online and offline fee-based training courses available.


One year license term, renewable online annually.

Download for free
Denodo Express

Denodo Express Use Cases

Lab environment for Denodo training

Personal or community projects

Departmental projects

Prototype enterprise projects

The free way to data virtualization

Denodo Express

Denodo Express Support

Remember, you are not alone. With your Denodo Express registration you become part of the Denodo Express Community, so after installing the software, if you have any questions or you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask your peers within the Community to assist you with the process.

Denodo Express

Learn About Denodo Express

Interested in learning more about Denodo Express? There is a wealth of information on the Denodo Community site to help you get started:

Installation Guide

Denodo Express basic functionality

Denodo Express basic functionality (part 2)

Joining views from disparate data sources

Getting the SQL query delegated by a derived view

Explore new use cases playing with the Denodo Data Catalog

Denodo Free Trial

30-days free trial on the cloud for you to fully test Denodo Professional


Denodo Express

The free way to data virtualization