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Denodo Express

Accelerate Your Fast Data Strategy with Denodo Express.
The free way to data virtualization.

Denodo Express offers the standard features of the award-winning Denodo Platform in an easy-to-use format. It is free to download, fast to deploy, and easy to use.

The new Denodo Express 7.0 builds upon the previous version with the new features included in the Denodo Platform 7.0. Denodo Express enables new Denodo Platform users to begin using data virtualization for real-world projects to understand the time-to-value and cost savings.

Start using data virtualization with Denodo Express and discover the power of the Denodo Platform.

Denodo Express - Take Your First Step to Data Virtualization

Denodo Express is a comprehensive package that includes online community-based support, several easy-to-follow online tutorials, and how-to videos from Denodo experts.

Denodo Express provides a seamless way to ease into data virtualization and scale smoothly to experience the full power of the Denodo Platform.

  • Download, install, and begin a first project in 15 minutes or less.
  • Rapidly integrate data from disparate, heterogeneous data sources including on-premise, cloud, and big data.
  • Build a logical data warehouse, single view applications, or a data services layer.
  • Quickly demonstrate value to your team, your company, or your customers.

Why Denodo Express?

  • Easy to access and use: Any single user with an online registration can download, install, and use it.
  • Complete product: GUI-based studio and scripted development, connectors to most data sources, metadata driven integration, transformation and data quality, real-time query optimization, caching batch scheduler, data services, security,* data governance, data discovery search/browse, and monitoring.
  • Volume/Capacity: Any number of sources or projects. Up to 3 concurrent queries and 10,000 results per query.
  • Bundled Support and Training: Online community-based support, tutorials, and videos, all of which are free. Online and offline fee-based training courses available.
  • Free: One year license term, renewable online annually.

Common Use Cases for Denodo Express

  • Data virtualization training
  • Personal or community projects
  • Departmental projects
  • Prototype enterprise projects

Go ahead. Download your free version today!