2019/07/17 - Sydney, Australia

7.00am - 9.00am

Establishment, 252 George Street, Sydney 2000

An eclectic mix of old and new data drives every decision and every interaction, but too many organisations are attempting unsuccessfully to consolidate this data into a single repository which is time-consuming, resource-intensive, expensive, and risky.

The Denodo Roadshow, presented by industry experts who will discuss the challenges of fragmented data ecosystems and traditional integration approaches, and how “data virtualization” provides an effective alternative to data consolidation. We will share stories and provide multiple perspectives on best practices and solutions.

Content will include:

  • Compelling external and internal speakers and content
  • Business cases that highlight challenges and solutions that result in faster time-to-market and greater ROI
  • Expert discussions providing insights on trends and approaches
  • Suggested approaches to achieve extreme agility for competitive advantage

Breakfast and refreshments will be provided.


Visit the Fast Data Strategy Road Tour Australia 2019 page for details on all the sessions