Topical Survey: BARC Data Culture Survey 23

How to liberalize data access to empower data users.

How important is data culture in an organization’s data strategy?

According to this new BARC survey, “even the best data strategy cannot fulfill its potential if the data culture in the company does not match it.” A change in behavior and mindset is needed in order to truly benefit from the ever-increasing amount of data available to us.

But how do you create and foster a positive data culture that facilitates and enables a data-driven enterprise? BARC’s data culture framework identifies six specific issues that organizations should address for a positive data culture: data leadership, data strategy, data governance, data literacy, data access, and data communication.

This year's survey looked at organizations’ current status, experiences and planning with regard to concrete success factors and starting points for the creation of a positive data culture. The questions emphasized the implementation of data access.

The results provided interesting insights into the prevailing views on the ‘right to know’ and ‘need to know’ principles of data access, the technologies used and the importance of data knowledge. Data strategy was in the end voted a priority in order to positively influence data culture.

Read this new BARC survey for full survey results, analysis and conclusions.

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