BioStorage® Technologies Builds Intelligent Biobank to Power Academic Research and Help Cure Complicated Health Problems

BioStorage wanted to become the leading innovator of comprehensive sample lifecycle management solutions that unlock the power of sample intelligence, advance scientific research, and help in the accurate treatment of complicated health problems. BioStorage also wanted to offer its sample management expertise as a SaaS solution, to create value for their business.

To accomplish this mission, BioStorage had to integrate clinical trial data, research data, biorepository data, biobank data, and laboratory data that was scattered across research facilities, government databases, hospitals, and biobanks across the globe. 

Download this case study to learn more about the following:

  • How BioStorage developed their ISIDOR platform, using virtualization, visualization, and valorization.
  • How they used Denodo's data virtualization platform to create a logical data warehouse.
  • How they were able to consolidate their global sample inventory, virtually connecting global sample data to relevant research data.
  • How BioStorage empowered their customers by allowing access to sample data anytime, from anywhere around the world.
  • How data virtualization helped BioStorage position itself as a leading technology provider in the biological sample market.

For more information on how Biostorage Tech. used the Denodo Platform, visit their customer page