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Estes Express Lines is the largest privately held freight transportation company in North America. Every day, thousands of customers rely on Estes to deliver time-critical freight shipments across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, and for over ninety years, the company has been known for its dependability. Estes cannot afford to let this reputation fade. Like many other companies in the freight transportation industry, Estes was gathering data through myriad different processes including paper bills of lading; manual data entry into different phones, laptops, and other devices; and storing data across multiple discrete cloud and on-premises systems and applications, all of which impacted delivery times due to duplication, errors, and incomplete data on package progress.

Estes Express Lines needed a way to reduce data entry and duplication and to accelerate and simply data access. This would not only improve transportation efficiency but also enable the company to provide customers with such features as up-to-the-minute updates, delivery notifications, and intelligence about the condition of their delivered packages.

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