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Ultra Mobile’s mission is to connect the world by offering international voice communication of the best quality for the lowest possible cost. The company was going through a tremendous growth phase. However, the rapid growth put a strain on Ultra Mobile’s BI infrastructure, hindering the company’s ability to answer basic questions about the health of the business and how best to retain customers.

Ultra Mobile needed to de-mitigate risk for unmanaged changes like data gaps between different departments and managed changes like difficulty integrating data documentation for each project. There was also the issue of the inconsistent definition of business metrics residing on other platforms. As a solution, Ultra Mobile designed and implemented a new BI infrastructure built using the Denodo Platform and the erwin® by Quest®.

Download this case study to learn more about the following:

  • How did Ultra Mobile establish a company-wide data governance framework and provide business users with the power of self-service data discovery?
  • How the integration between Denodo and erwin Data Intelligence gives Ultra Mobile complete insight into the enterprise data sources?
  • What changes helped them improve their quality of service delivery by 22% in some international destinations?
  • How have they learned to identify process inefficiencies and make changes that drive profitability quickly?
  • How does Ultra Mobile build complete traceability and auditability of data maps from a single source?

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