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Pragmatic MDM – Data Virtualization Enables Simple to Complex MDM with Low Risk

Master Data Management (MDM) provides consistent views of key organizational entity data (customer, product, etc.). The “master data hub” typically creates “golden records” consisting of commonly-used, relatively stable entity or reference data (name, address, id, etc.). Data Virtualization federates this master data with dynamic, silo-specific data (orders, payments, etc.) to present a “Single View” of customers. Denodo provides high-performance Data Virtualization across structured, Web / SaaS and unstructured data sources and easily integrates with leading MDM hubs to deliver real-time,unified 360 views.

This document describes the four steps to reach a programatic MDM:

  • Virtual MDM.
  • Registry MDM.
  • Federated MDM.
  • Enriched MDM.