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CDAO Singapore

Denodo is proud to be a diamond partner of Corinium at Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) Singapore.

This event is designed for CDAOs, Directors, Heads, General Managers, Managers and Practitioners of Data & Analytics/ML/AI and Insights from all sectors in Singapore. If you have an interest in the topic, the event is the best on the calendar to get inspired and make new contacts with the people who can help you uplift your projects, and reinforce your data strategies.

Meet us in person and catch our session on 16th April at 12.40pm, presented by Shanmuga Sunthar Muniandy, Director of Architectures and Chief Evangelist for APAC at Denodo on "Accelerate your AI Journey with AI-Augmented Data Management Strategy."

About the Session:

Traditional data management practices have served as the standard for years. But its shortcomings in agility, scalability, flexibility, and automation are becoming ever more evident with the rise of AI and the increasing complexity of the enterprise data ecosystem. Realizing the full potential of AI, including Gen AI, is crucial for achieving real-world business objectives. Underpinning this success will be a reimagined and well-architected enterprise data strategy.

Join us to explore how an innovative data architecture powered by AI-augmented data management practices will help you unleash the true potential of AI to gain business and competitive edge.

Key takeaways:

  • Examine the major challenges faced by enterprises in pursuing their AI initiatives.
  • Explore how to augment Gen AI applications with corporate data and knowledge assets.
  • Understand how AI-Augmented Logical Data Strategy can supercharge your Gen AI initiatives.

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