Denodo Data Days Sydney

Rethinking data management - serving the business their data

 11 Oct 2023 - Hilton Sydney, Australia

  8:00am - 1:00pm (AEDT)

In thriving and dynamic times, the management and delivery of data to the business remains a fundamental and critical capability. 

While boards are recognising and investing in data as a strategic asset, questions remain about the value being delivered to the business and in what timeframes.  

To help answer this important priority and to "rethink" aspects of data management, Denodo is delighted to share locally based insights on 'Why a Data Fabric enables and sustains business value?'. This agenda includes a Denodo Customer Use Case presentation and the customer will share their expertise and offer insights into how they have enabled the business with their data fabric.

On the day, there will be presentations and live demos from Denodo experts, including a panel discussion featuring representatives from Atturra, Capricorn Society, and Denodo. A networking lunch will follow the sessions.

Secure your spot now to explore topics such as the value of implementing a logical data fabric, unifying a business data layer, harnessing AI in a data catalog to bring together IT and business, data governance and security, and reducing risk in cloud data modernisation.


8:00AM - 8:55AM
Registration & Networking
8:55AM - 9:00AM
Welcome - Director, APAC Sales Engineering - Chris Day
9:00AM - 9:30AM
Why are data transformation programs still falling short on business value? Exploring Data Fabric with a ‘Logical Abstraction’ as the solution - Denodo RVP & General Manager, ANZ - Benjamin Henshall
Many organisations often attempt to centralise their data by migrating it to a single cloud, seeking simplification and cost savings. Yet, many find the business value underwhelming or 'over the horizon’. Especially in large organisations with data generated across numerous distributed systems, solving such data transformation challenges sustainably remain uncertain. This discussion explores how a logical abstraction to data management can pragmatically drive the right results for business. We will explore how a Data Fabric through a logical abstraction is addressing the three fundamental problems of: unifying distributed data together, surfacing that data for the business to use, and hiding complexity from the business during cloud migration.
9:30AM - 10:00AM
Data Fabric for the real world: A Single Business Data Delivery Layer - Denodo Product Management Director, APAC - Felix Liao
In this session, we will build upon the prior talk expanding on the differences between the current and emerging data management architectures of the Warehouse, Lake, Lakehouse and Cloud and specifically how a unified business domain data delivery layer unlocks much greater value, irrespective of where your organisation may be in their data management journey.
10:00AM - 10:25AM
Networking Break
10:25AM - 10:45AM
Denodo Customer Use Case Presentation – Princess Ramos, Former D&A Team Lead at a Global Bank
Balancing regulatory compliance with clear oversight of asset and investment performance is often time-sensitive and central to modern banking challenges. Learn how the 10th largest bank in assets globally tackled these issues head-on using a Logical Data Fabric and reshaped their approach to accessing and consuming data faster. This shift empowered the teams to independently discover data and expedite the delivery of business use cases into production
10:45AM - 11:05AM
Demonstration: What Makes Denodo's Data Catalog Crucial for Your Self-Service Initiative, with the help of AI - Denodo Product Management Director, APAC - Felix Liao
Denodo's Data Catalog uniquely combines cataloging capabilities like search, documentation and lineage with execution capabilities provided by the virtual layer. This session will focus on how The Denodo platform along with the integrated Data Catalog is the best way to help you realise and implement your self-service data management initiatives.
11:05AM - 11:30PM
Demonstration: A Universal Business & Security Data Layer using Denodo Data Virtualization - Denodo Sales Engineer - Karthikeyan Thangaraj
In this platform demonstration, the data virtualization technology will be showcased to show how data can be easily integrated, managed and delivered in a consistent & secure manner through a common logical semantic layer. This approach accelerates data delivery while ensuring data security and governance irrespective of how many data sources exist. The demonstration will cover PII and Attribute Based Controls.
11:30PM - 12:00PM
Panel: Accelerating Cloud Data Modernisation : Who's benefiting - the business, IT or both? - Moderator: Benjamin Henshall, Princess Ramos, Former D&A Team Lead, 10th largest banking group by assets globally, Atturra's Petar Bielovich, Denodo's Chris Day
Organisations are adopting cloud at a fast pace, migrating applications and data to leverage specialized services and dynamic scalability and flexibility offered by the cloud. Many soon realise that it is often more complex than what they initially anticipated. In this session we will discuss the challenges, pitfalls and ways to accelerate cloud migration efforts.
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Lunch & Demonstration: FinOps - Denodo Product Management Director, APAC - Felix Liao
We will demonstrate how Denodo’s universal data access layer, utilises the active metadata to surface data usage and compute across all systems including your cloud systems and presents unified statistics and costs to help identify where and how data management costs can be optimised.


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