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DAMA Day: Data Literacy, The Gateway to Making Data an Enterprise Asset

We are a sponsor and presenter at DAMA Day in NYC. This years’ event will focus on Data Literacy, many organizations have identified Data Literacy as one of their top priorities. Organizations want “to make data an enterprise asset” and studies have shown, this is a much bigger challenge than one would believe. DAMA NY invited CDOs, CTOs and data professionals to learn how to go beyond Data Analytics and to an environment that supports Data Empowerment. The all-day event will also showcase how to apply the right data strategies to solve a business problem and most importantly, how to become more “Data Literate.”

DAY & TIME: Thursday, June 15th – 11:50 am-12:30 pm

TITLE: Enabling the Data Literacy in your Organization

ABSTRACT: Data Democratization, Data Literacy, and Data as an Asset, have all become a regular part of our vocabulary but what does it all mean. The questions we need to be asking are: What are the benefits of democratizing the data and making it accessible, and what is the overall value? Are we fostering a data literate culture? Is data truly treated as an enterprise asset? The answers to these questions will help determine if organizations can measure the actual business value gained from building the enterprise architectures and embarking on the cultural changes which are required to embrace the modern data ecosystem.

  • The journey to Data Democratization and Information Driven organization
  • Cultural shifts and challenges in becoming Data Literate
  • The challenges in data ownership and data asset management

SPEAKER: Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo

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