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Gartner Data and Analytics Summit

All over the world, organizations are harnessing the true power of data and analytics strategies to optimize decision-making during this time of ever present disruption. Chief data and analytics officers (CDAO), have to scale cohesive ecosystems across the organization while using AI to ethically manage data and privacy. In the face of a continuously challenging global environment, they need to purposefully lead their team by balancing trust, accountability, governance and security with adaptability and responsiveness. Taking a human-centric approach to sourcing and retaining talent will be critical to success.

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit will provide solutions to the most significant challenges CDAOs are facing. This will equip you to create and empower the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future.

  • Implement strategies and innovations backed by data, analytics and data science to navigate disruption.
  • Lead purposefully by balancing trust, accountability, governance and security with adaptability and responsiveness.
  • Scale your purpose beyond organizational silos, across value chains and ecosystems to foster societal perseverance.
  • Leverage cloud-based data management to optimize costs in the current economic environment

Tuesday, March 21st @ 3:00 pm - Denodo: BPX Energy - Enabling Data Governance and Optimization Through Logical Data Fabric

Speaker - Kimberly Wilbanks, Data Governance Platform Owner, BPX Energy

BPX Energy, BP's US onshore oil and gas business, needed to review data collection, accessibility, and usage processes. BPX Energy sought to bring all important data together in one place. Learn how to create a data culture enabling data services, self-service data, and strategic improvements in data governance and data management to:

  • Access real-time data, improve reporting accuracy, and increase productivity in the supply chain
  • Increase visibility and opportunities to continue to improve safety and reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce storage footprint while optimizing upstream business

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