2020 Global air quality

Global air quality since the start of the coronavirus pandemic

This dataset can be accessed in the following ways

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SELECT world_air_quality_history.city AS city, world_air_quality_history.count AS count, world_air_quality_history.country AS country, world_air_quality_history.date AS date, world_air_quality_history.max AS max, world_air_quality_history.median AS median, world_air_quality_history.min AS min, world_air_quality_history.specie AS specie, world_air_quality_history.variance AS variance FROM world_air_quality_history

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Help with accessing the COVID-19 data in JDBC / REST / JSON / XML

Daily information about the evolution of the air quality since the COVID-19 started.

Last refresh time: 2020-10-29 03:00:00
Refresh frequency: Weekly
Source: Air Quality Open Data Platform

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